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It's not Always the Name

Monday, March 12, 2018
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It's Not Always
The Name

Most of the time, sellers research their toys in order to know who the manufacturer is, and when the toy was made. Mr. Frederick Pals is a very knowledgeable person who has a whole lot of reference books for old toys. He even used to add the reference book into his photos of toys
for the possible buyer to know the exact description and manufacturer of the toy.

When I went to visit his fine store yesterday, I noticed that he didn't have his reference books in the photos, but he had many nice identified toys, as well as several unidentified toys. He also now takes his excellent photographs against a white background, and doesn't use his myriad of reference books in the photos anymore.

These 2 toys were the highest priced from all of his toys for sale as of this date.
It's hard to know the price of an unknown manufacturer's toy. However, Frederick has been an ebay seller for a long time, and has an excellent reputation, So I'm sure the prices of these "unknowns" have been well-researched.

The sizes of these toys are not indicated. However the airplane is a larger toy, compared with the penny toy, which usually were very small. And if you were interested in these 2 toys, you could always contact Frederick on ebay 

Antique Tin Toy Double Decker
Army Plane with Decals 
from Germany or the U.K.
Circa 1930

If you look at the front view of this airplane, you will notice a small
spindle between the 2 front wheels. That was for a coiled wire or string that would connect to the propeller from inside the body of the airplane. As the toy was rolled, the wheels would 
casue the spindle to rotate and transfer movement to the propeller.

Antique Tin Toy Rare Pre-War
France Penny Toy Bus
Etoile Bastille
Circa 1930

So that's it for today. Today was daylight savings time in North America,
so the time was set for one hour ahead. This gives us 1 more hour of daylight. 
However, as of late, we've been having lots of cloud and snow.
But eventually the warm weather and the sun will arrive! 

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
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Wherever you may be.

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