Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Wonderful Ships of George Carette

Saturday, March 10, 2018
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The Wonderful Ships 
of Georges Carette

 Georges Carette et Cie was founded in 1866 by Mr. Georges Carette. Initially, Mr. Carette was a supplier to Bing, another famous toy manufacturer.  Later, Mr. Carette began to produce toys independently. His big break came when he introduced a toy tram that was powered electricity, which was a fairly new "phenomena". Eventually, Mr. Carette and his partner (Paul Josephtal) contacted the British model railway manufacturer - Bassett-Lowke. The George Carette company was successful with their meeting, and began to produce locomotives and cars modelled after British models. The quality was so good, that the Carette toys became very sought after. By 1905, the company expanded from model railway locomotives and cars into other toys. These included toy cars, ship models with clockwork drive, aircraft, airships, and optical and technical toys. The Georges Carette toys today are very much in demand as collectibles.*

* Narrative selected from Wikipedia

Sleek gunboat shaped for speed, and features a
clean styled hull, large intimidating gun sits above 
deck towards the stern,  between stacks sits
another cannon atop a green pedestal
Professionally restored.
Length:   17.75"  45.2 cm

Nicely scaled model, clockwork driven
simulated wood upper deck planking
Missing masts
Length:  16 1/2"  42 cm

Early Carette fire boat,
hand-painted, clockwork action
Length:  12"  31 cm

Carette Live Steam Launch with Canopy
brass boiler, hand painted
Length:  13 1/2"  31.5 cm
Carette Four Stack Ocean Liner
Length:  20.5"   52 cm

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