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A Continuation of Fernand Martin Toys

Tuesday,  March 20, 2018
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A Continuation of
Fernand Martin Toys

I had written a recent post of January 31 2018. However, the Fernand Martin toys were so interesting, that I thought I'd revisit the auction again, and make another fine selection of these toys. Not only are these toys most interesting in terms of design, but they also move through a wind-up gear mechanism. Furthermore, these toys are very rare, and if you visit the specific auction from the "please click here" above, you will see the very high prices that these marvellous toys yielded.
As you look at these Fernand Martin toys, carefully notice the excellent condition that these
toys are in. Superb for toys over 117-109 years old! Bertoia Auctions photographed these fine toys in a bigger size, in order to appreciate the fine condition, as well as the details of the characters.

"Le Charcutier"
Dressed in cloth uniform  and apron donning a thick moustache.
 He stands at the table with knives that when activated, 
his arms move up and down, as if chopping meat.
Circa: 1901
Height:  7.5"    19.1 cm

"L'Artiste Capillaire"
Original patented design by Monsieur Noguier of Paris
which represents a barber and client in his chair.
Circa: 1904
Height:  7.5"  19.1 cm

Early Martin Leap Frog Toy
Attributed to Martin, depiction of two children playing
a fun game of leap frog around a tree stump.
Whimsy theme and design.
Height:  5.75"  14.6 cm

"Le Clown"
A fun example of one of the most inspired source of characters of this time.
When activated, the clown stands on his hands and moves his legs, as seen on  the box front, 
entertaining the crowd. He wears a cloth outfit and lace neck scarf. Missing hat.
Circa: 1902
Height:  8"  20.3 cm

"Martin Bear Climbing Pole"
When activated (wound up with a key), this bear climbs
up the rungs of the pole with the base. He wears a felt bearskin and red collar.
Circa: 1909
Height:  19.75"   50.3 mm

"La Sentinelle Anglaise"
(The English Guard)
One of the many nationalities of guards,
created by Martin. This English Guard wears a red felt jacket
and cloth pants, with a bobby-style helmet.
Circa: 1901
Height:  7.5"   19 cm

"L'Homme Sandwich"
This figure represents the profession known as a sandwich man,
in which a person walks the streets with a backpack style
billboard advertising, in this case, for games and toys.
Circa:  1901
Height:  10.5"  26.7 cm

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