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Oldtoystores on ebay

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I originally published this article on February 24, 2018. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the owner of Fumby Street Motors write back to me, and sent me the excellent article below after the photos from oldtoystoreusa.

I've been writing about scale models lately, as well as revisiting people and companies who have helped me out in the past. So when I returned to oldtoystoreusa on ebay, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were selling fine scale models. 

oldtoystoreusa sells wonderful scale models, and the Fumby models below are quite nice.
The models are 1:15 in scale and come in 3 colours. They are green, yellow, and red. Also, the states in the back can come in the same matching colours or in a variation of black. These models are quite nice, and come with a variety of features, that you can read about  after the photos.

 Fumby Street Motors
1957 White WC-22 Stake Truck
1:15 Scale Model
Limited Edition
Date of Manufacture: 2008
Total Production: 1000
Size:  L x H x W:  19" x 6.5" x 6.5"  
48.3 cm x 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm
Weight:  9 pounds 
4.09 Kg

These models come with working steering,  working doors and handles,
working rear suspension articulation, opening hood with full engine detail,
detailed chassis, and operating rear lift gate. There is also an option to
purchase a wood grain bed veneer for the back chassis bottom.

I wrote to the owner of Fumby Street Motors to inform him that I had posted about his fine model trucks. Mr. Clark Wade wrote back. 
Here's what he had to say:

Hello Stacey,
"Thanks for the email and the blog.  Apologies for my tardiness in responding.  Was out of town and since Fumby Street Motors is a one man band, no one was minding the store.  Your blog is impressive and really covers a range of subjects.
I've attached images of an article that appeared in last November's Toy Trucker & Contractor.  It pretty well covers the Fumby Street story.  My orginal intent was to do a toy truck in the Smith-Miller vein of a truck brand that had not been done before.  Crown Premiums talked me into more detail and I'm glad of it.
I have done a number of custom units (as have others) and I enjoy doing them, but I am really slow.  All the trucks came to me fully assembled in the stake bed configuration.  Fortunately I chose the 10 wheel type as it is easier to make a 6 wheel type out of it, than the other way around.  Even though they are fully assembled, I spend about an hour on each one correcting some manufacturing irregularities.
I have sold a few in Canada, but these days it costs almost $50 in shipping and I haven't found any way around it.
Hope this answers your questions and thanks for the plug."

Clark Wade also sent me an excellent article (below) about the manufacturing of his 
Fumby trucks. Toy Trucker and Contractor certainly did a fine job in interviewing Clark.
You might want to read the article as it is very interesting, and who would know just how much time and effort goes into creating, designing, and producing a nice model

There certainly is a lot of preparation and detail that went into the making of 
these fine Fumby trucks. The photo of Clark Wade with the 
1957 prototype of his 1957 WC-22 stake truck illustrates just how large the model is.

There certainly is a lot  of time and revisions that go into the making of a model.
The photo in the bottom left corner illustrates the many 
different models that Clark's company produces.

For myself, I enjoyed reading about the Fumby Street Motors company,
and I hope you liked the article also.

Thanks for dropping by,
And have a great part of the day or night.

Stacey Bindman

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