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Toy Ships from the Georges Carette Catalogue

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Toy Ships from the
Georges Carette Catalogue

The pages that I selected were from a company called New Cavendish Books. This fine catalogue reproduction was first published in 1975, and later reprinted in 1979. This fine publisher also published many other company toy catalogues of old toys and models. The 1914 Georges Carette catalogue is 260 pages with another 40 pages for the supplements of 1907 and 1914. The immense catalogue illustrates just how successful and popular the Georges Carette toys were. The trains are probably the most popular today as these toys were the most numerous of that era. After the trains, the model cars are most in demand today garnering large final results at auction. Third in the list of popularity are the ships, which also achieve high prices at auctions today. Many of the models illustrated below came in varying sizes as you can see. There were 2 kinds of propulsion offered. One was the steam engine, while the other was a key wind-up spring motor mechanism.  There were plenty of details on these ships, and the ship[s were names after the names of the real ships and battleships of that era.

It's truly amazing just how many toys the company manufactured, and that these toys are still in existence after 100 years or more. When you see high-quality photos of the original ships, you are truly impressed with the high-quality of these toys and models.

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