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Other Cast Iron Motorcycles - Besides "Those Hubleys"

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Other Cast Iron Motorcycles-
Besides "Those" Hubleys

   Ive written innumerable times about the exceptional Hubley cast iron motorcycles. They are so fantastic, that I don't  see the other brands of cast iron motorcycles that were made at the time.  I know as a kid (child), I wanted what other kids had, and I'm sure it was like that with "those" Hubleys.  But the other companies,rare as they were, and even rarer than made a few models did make these toys.  And so, as the expression goes, "I stopped to smell the roses"  (slowed down to appreciate the view) and found some nice "other" cast iron motorcycles.

The toy below was made by the Champion Toy Company.
Those nickel-plated wheels are exceptional and you don't  often see such a fine casting and design as these! The balancing small wheels under the motorcycle rotate and are apart from the casting.These are different from the next toy below that has these wheels integrated and cast into the mould.

The gold paint on the toy had to be hand-painted. That included the badge, the buttons,the name and the headlight.  

Most of the Champion motorcycles have the brand-name embossed into the original casting.

What's interesting not this toy below is that it does not have the name 
"Champion" embossed into the toy. Also the gas tank has hard lines to the gas tank, compared with all of the other Champion motorcycles.

Like other manufacturers, some toys such as motorcycles came in several sizes and colours.

I found these 2 Globe brand of cast iron motorcycles. I like the face of the policemen below,but overall, this Globe is a fine example of a toy motorcycle. The condition for this toy at the time of the original auction was rated excellent. It really is a fine toy!

Here's a slightly different design - the sidecar. Most of the manufacturers would have these sidecars added to both the civilian and the police models. THey also had passenger in the form of again civilians (lady our man or boy) and of course an second police officer in the sidecar.

I wonder what happened to the passenger, 
or could the passenger have been an "option" at the time?

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