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Canadians to the Rescue-Part II

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Canadians to the Rescue
Part II

 If you read yesterday's post, I had written about a Manitoban (Canada Province) by the name of Mr. Gary Nerman. I did mention that another Canadian  had also offered his help, and this is whom I am posting about today. He's an Ontarian (Canada Province), living next to my Province of Quebec. Most people don't realize just how big Canada is. For me to visit Mr. Peter de Bruyn, it would be about 1 1/2 hours by car. To visit Gary in Manitoba it would be about 4-5 days in the summer - nobody would dare fave the brutal winters in Canada.

  Peter's full name is Mr. Peter de Bruyn and he's a collector of Lincoln toys.  I had asked him if he's a seller on ebay,  and he said yes, but not for his Lincoln toys. These he sells to upgrade his fine collection. I hand't known that he had a collection, until he offered me several fine photos. 

I left Peter's nice foundation in the photo instead of placing the toys against white. The tones are neutral gray, and they work well as a base of foundation for these nice toys. 

What I'm amazed at is how these rubber tires have lasted so long!

 I like how Peter is making excellent use of using all 12 photo spots on ebay.  ebay's  fees have gone up a lot, and so it's to the seller's advantage to present his or her merchandise in the best  possible way. Not only that, but if you're canadian, the Canada Revenue Agency (tax department)M now requires sellers to collect taxes from Canadians. And to make matters even worse, American's  are required  to use ebay's Global Shipping at an even higher cost.

Peter's  trucks were not for sale with the double decker transport. He simply used them to illustrate the relative size of the carrier and to show how the vehicles would load on to the carrier.

His small -sized tow truck (above) and the  mid-sized stake truck (below) were for sale separately. 
Thjat nice small dump truck remained in his collection.

As you can see, this toy is excellently presented for all biers to see. 

I "saved the best for last" as the expression goes.Peter also likes to collect tobacco cans as you can see on  the top shelf.  But the collection of Lincoln toys is to marvel at. I visited the MUseum of Civilization in Ottawa when it opened up years ago. The place was not very full of Canadiana because the museum is new.  I'll have to visit it  again. Anyway, about a mont ago I decided on a whim to check if the Museum had Canadian toys, especially Lincoln toys - they had 3. 
I'll be polite and not give my opinion.

Fntastic set of Lincoln toys. Peter also mentioned in one of his e-mails to me, that  for the Lincoln car carrier transport, plastic cars made by another Canadian company, Reliable Toys, came with the transport.

I like that orange and black cement truck mixer in the upper left corner, among all of the other toys that I like. The colour are great,and you get to see the many different toys that this fine Canadian company manufacturers at the time.

I was surprised to see that Lincoln toys are in very high demand on ebay, and that bidding was quite high. It's probably all those Canadians and a few others bidding for these rarer toys. It's great to see that this collection.Now if anyone at the Canadian Museum of Civilization is reading this……….

Of course, as a collector, I doubt if Peter would  let this collection go to the museum!

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