Sunday, December 14, 2014

Opamerica's Very Interesting Pair of Arcade Monocoupes

Sunday, December 14, 2014
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Opamerica's Very Interesting Pair
of Arcade Monocoupes

  I was was visiting ebay yesterday,when I spotted 2 beautiful "almost" centenarian (100 years old) cast iron Arcade airplanes. They were beautiful, and I would have presented them anyway,but what caught my attention was the fact that they were identified as Arcade, and even had the markings on them. But recently,  on December 12, 2014, I posted Mike's Skoglund and Olson's airplane that looked almost like the Arcade. I went back to Mike's post, then to Opamerica's listing on ebay to compare the two brands, and I was having difficulty. Only when I read Opamerica's description, and carefully examined the photos did I realize that the 2 planes were in fact different, and made on 2 different continents separate by the Atlantic Ocean.

  I have to repeat myself, but I like to keep mentioning that back then (1900's) companies didn't seem to fight about toys that they made, that looked similar to each other. 

The cast iron Arcade Monocoupe below is the larger of the 2 airplanes that are currently listed (December 14, 2014) on ebayWhat 's different between the Arcade airplane and the Skoglund & Olsoon (Sweden) airplane is that in the Arcade toy:

1. It has a pilot
2. The body is one piece compared with the Skoglund & Olson airplane
3. Writing impressions are on the Arcade airplanes
4. Colours are different on the painted portions of the airplane.
 . The Arcade rear landing area has an actual small wheel, the Skoglund and Olson doesn't.

Below os the smaller version of the Arcade cast Iron Monocoupe.
Now we're talking "Huh, this looks like the Skoglund and Olson" airplane!

1. Both have no rear wheel, but  a triangular point that simulates a rear landing wheel.
2. The front portion of the airplane body is in fact 2 pieces, just like the Skoglund and Olson airplane. This is what got me all confused!

I don't add different sellers or auctioneers to one post out of professional courtesy to all who help me out. I'm sure they wouldn't mind, but that's me. So how would you compare the 2 different airplanes?


1. Open up a new window in your browser
2.Go to my blog, and open up Mike Van Matuska's post on the Skoglund and Olson airplane.
3. Drag this window nest to Opamerica's Arcade Monocoupe post window 
4.Compare the two.

You'll then see why I kept going back and forth to see what the differences are.

New Year's Resolution for 2015:

Start training my brain to remember details, and avoid all the work to try and differentiate different toy companies and similar toys. However'I won't start  the training with all of the 1920's Yellow Cab Cast Iron Taxis in 2015.

 I don't want to damage my brain!

Thanks for visiting,and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be,

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