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Already Prepped for the New Year

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Already Prepped for the New Year

   It's almost the end of 2014, and the Lloyd Ralston Gallery auction company are presenting their next listings for their January 15, 2015 auction. Do these 2 brothers ever take a vacation? 
I guess business is business, and everyone has to be prepared and working. When you go to Liveauctioneers, you can see auctions that will be happening for months ahead of the current date. Not all of the auctions will have their merchandise displayed,but the auctions are scheduled for the viewers to take note of.

  The Lloyd Ralston Gallery has lots of items for the upcoming auction,and I though that I'd "breeze" through the 517 items listed on both Liveauctioneers, and  the Lloyd Ralston Gallery website,but I only managed to stay on page 1 of the Gallery's website! There were many toys that I had not seen before.

Not all the items in the auction are pre-1940 or antique (my area of writing). Nevertheless,there were some after 1940,anymore closely to the 1980's and after that interested me.I don't know the date of manufacture of the trio of Soligo toys below, but  I have to admire the person or collector who "customized" the trio. He (or she, changed them into "Woodies" - an American type of car that had wood panelling. The trio is excellent!

Tootisetoys are my favourite small-sized toys, although most people would prefer the Dinky toys.
I know I must have seen the top ca before, but it caught my eye. If you enlarge the photo below, you'll notice that "excess" metal was left in the original toy. I've seen these before, and collectors don't seem to have minded. I probably would have filed down the excess if I had purchased the toy in the 1930's, or would have returned it! 

Britains, the British company famous for their toy soldiers, also made non-soldier toys. 
I've never seen this toy before, and what I like about it is the fact that the outside blue part could be removed to expose the interior.

This trio of "Woodies" is probably from the same collector who made the trio that I presented at the start - great job!

The convertible caught my eye.I'm sure I've seen it before, but I liked the colour combination of the convertible and the van.

WHen I bought and sold on ebay, I  purchased most of the Tootsietoy Grahams. The Grahams and the Tootsietoy LaSalles are always in demand. There are even several toy parts manufacturers, including Thomas who make parts for these fantastic small-sized toys.

What caught my eye though was the modern-made trailer by Mr. Armond Montandon.
I'll have to do more research to find out where I can contact him. There was also 1 other trailer and Tootsietoy combo in this auction.

Another nice pair of Tootsietoys.
Notice how the dark brown car has its roof painted tan.  The tan colour represented the Tootsietoy "convertible" toys. Any toy with that tan colour was a convertible!

What's nice about the Hubley die cast quintet is that you get to see the relative sizes of these toys all at once. They're larger than the Tootsietoys which measure about 4" (102 mm) in length. 

Here's a Kosuge that I never heard of until yesterday.
Matsuzo Kosuge was a Japanese toy maker who eventually formed the Marusan toy Company.

What I like about the Minics (Great Britain) is that the company  made wind-up toys that could move on their own. The green racer is probably a post-1940 toy,while the ambulance is a bi older. 

What you might have noticed is that most of the today's on today;s post are small-sized. The Lloyd Ralston Gallery does have larger toys,but you have to spook at the written descriptions to know their sizes. Overall, there is lots of diversity in this upcoming auction. If you look enough, I'm sure you'll find something that is a favourite of yours.

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