Monday, December 1, 2014

The Arcade 1927 Buick Sedan

Monday,December 1, 2014
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The Arcade 1927 
Buick Sedan

  Yesterday, I had written about the very classic and rarer Hubley cast iron 1920's Packard.  It's a beautiful car with lots of features. I decided to present an Arcade 1927 Buick today.It doesn't have the many features (hood opens up, fancy straight 8 engine, front doors open), but it's beautiful 
nevertheless.  Some people even consider this one of Arcade's finest pieces ever made.

  Yesterday, I also added some additional text with regard to the slight variations that you might find a toy in. I decided to continue this today. 

I couldn't find a Wikipedia photo that was large enough to use to match the 1927 Buick Sedan. Instead,I selected a 1928 convertible. However, most of the common features of the 1927 car are there.What's amazing to see on the "real" car are all of the details. The running boards with the rubber step matts,the large grilled Buick logo on the rear wheel well, the beautiful grille and logo,and of course the large headlights! Also the spokes on the wheels were made from wood!

The 1927 Arcade toy catalogue offered customers a choice of either a 2-door coupe or a 4-door sedan. I decided to add the coupe to show you this model.

The Coupe

The Sedan

   The sedan changed a bit over a few years. Below you can see nickel-plated rims with rubber tires.
Most of the time the wheels are nickel-plated. The choices of colours were the rare yellow (really orange in appearance), blue, green and red. In some cases, the rear spare tire is nickel-plated, while in other cases the spare tire is painted black. Sometimes the roof was painted black to vary with the colour body,while other times the entire car was painted one colour. Also, in some cases the normal gold-trim along the side of the car is replaced with a silver trim.

   It's difficult to see on small-siezed photos,but there are some very nice details to the sedan. The  running boards have fine textured  lines on them, and the grille has a patterned mesh on the front.

Personally,this isn't my favourite Arcade cast iron toy, but it does rate highly. What I do adore quite greatly are nickel-plated features to any old truck or car. In the case of the Arcade Sedan, one sees the wheels, and the driver. Arcade certainly could have spent less on the wheels (including the spare tire), but chose to spend to present a fine toy of a fine "real" car.

You can't argue with the toy writers and experts who have called this Arcade toy
"one of the finest Arcade toys ever built".

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