Saturday, December 20, 2014

The More Complex Hubley Motorcycles

Saturday, December 20, 2014
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The More Complex
 Hubley Motorcycles

   Yesterday's post was a continuation of motorcycles.  Two days ago, I wrote about some cast iron toy motorcycles that were not Hubleys, and yesterday about the Hubley civilian motorcycles. The Hubley Manufacturing must have had some very intuitive people, because they decided to produce cast iron toy motorcycles,and became one of the largest producers of these toys. Interestingly, other companies at the time didn't follow suit (follow the lead and do the same thing). 

   Of course, Hubley made exceptional cast iron toy motorcycles, as well as other fine toys,so perhaps they just  had everyone buying motorcycles because real motorcycles became very popular, and Hubley reproduced the toys exceptionally well. 

   I decided to present the larger and more complex toys. 

The Hubley below is "The Mono Lisa" of cast iron toy motorcycles. It's the rarest of the rare, and might be the only one in existence. It  was custom made, had a wind-up mechanism 
(very rare for Hubley), and is in excellent condition.

The toy below also is a wind-up and is rare.

This one is in excellent condition. I've presented 2 sets of photos for this specific model. The reason for my having down this is to show you that if you're interested in bidding for a toy or buying one at an antique store,you should always do your research. The model below is missing some of its original accessories   that came with it. It's the ax in the lower set of photos, as well as the hose nozzle and cotton cord that was made to look like a hose.

 On this model,the gate at the back can be removed. What's so interesting about these Hubley toys, besides the toys themselves, is the fact that Hubley made so many variations using the same body and figure of the policeman. The body of the motorcycle is an "Indian" brand reproduction that 
has an in-line 4 cylinder engine

This model is "huge", being 12"  (334 mm) long.

Here's a similar Hubley Indian Traffic Car but it's the smaller version.
It's 8 1/2" ( 216 mm) long, has the name "Indian" embossed from the original casting, and 
looks like it has a one-cylinder  engine.

I think that the figure below is a policeman or the casting of a policeman.
My question of course is why would Hubley
 place a police figure on a civilian post office motorcycle?

 I had to finish the post with this model. It's my favourite. It's an armoured motorcycle. The reason that it's my favourite is for that armoured plate  at the front. You could purchase this "optional" piece at the time. The reason that I like it so much is both for the unique item and for its detail.
There must have been the "occasional"real armoured motorcycle back in the 1930's when all of those "gangsters" were roaming around the USA robbing banks or getting into illegal activities Bonnie & Clyde, Al Capone, from Chicago, and of course John Dillinger, and Baby Face Nelson were just some of the more infamous people of the times.

I hoped that you've enjoyed these last 3 days of toy motorcycles. Hubley made even more motorcycles, as did some of the other companies of the time. I'll probably add another post soon.

As the expression goes, "if you have a good thing, stay with it".

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