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The Horse Before the Bus or an Interesting Coincidence

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The Horse Before the Bus
An Interesting Coincidence

 Today's post was supposed to be a continuation of toy trolleys. Yesterday, I added a post about horse-drawn trolleys, and being able to approximate a toy's age for the characteristics of the toy. As I was looking for the next post in the series, I came across a tin horse drawn trolley. This type of toy would have been made approximately at the same time as the ones that I wrote about yesterday - lithographed paper on wood, circa 1880's - 1910. However what caught my attention were the advertisements on the toy trolley. The brand names were identical to a post that I had written last week.

   The reason for the dual titles for this blog are that the horse-drawn trolley was the mode of transport in urban (city) area long before the bus. And the reason the the second title "Interesting Coincidence" is the fact that you can see the same brand names on the bus  (circa 1911), as you can on the Richter toy trolley which is most likely a much earlier toy from the late 1890's or early 1900's.

   I already posted about the advertisements on the bus - "Harry Lauder at the Tivoli", "Pears Soap"," OXO",  Colmans Mustard", and Van Houten's Cocoa. It turned out that all of the brand names were actually real companies of the time!

  What's interesting on the trolley brow are 4 of the same brand names appear as advertisements on a different maker of toy, from 10-20 years earlier.  In my original post, I forgot to corroborate (verify) one advertisement - Mellins Food". I'm sure such a real company did exist at the time.

I like to use "clichés" or common expressions when I write, 
and so to finish this post here's an old cliché:

"The more things change. the more things stay the same".

It seems so appropriate for these 2 different toys from 2 different manufacturers from two different decades that used basically the same brand name advertisements on their toys!

I just couldn't resist that old expression!

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