Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Beautiful Thomas Cab

Thursday, November 27, 2014
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A Beautiful Thomas Cab

   I met a fine guest by the name of Malinda Trollinger. She's been helping her father sell his toy collection that he's assembled over a long period.  Her ebay identification is mpt331. Her father is quite knowledgeable about toys.I posted a recent Marv Silverstein custom ambulance thank went to auction on ebay, and Malinda was asked by her father if I know of Don DeSalle  I didn't, but now I know about him, and I will try and add post about him in he future . Malinda takes excellent photos also,which helps me save some time when creating a post. 

  Malinda's next ebalisting will be a 1939 Lincoln cast iron reproduction of a green Checker Cab. It was made by Mr. Julian Thomas as is # 82 of the production. I've seen these fine reproductions on Liveauctioneers, on ebay, and on other websites on the Net. For those who don't know, Julian Thomas  is the owner of Thomas Toys in Fenton, Michigan, USA. He worked at GM (General Motors) in the modelling and design department before deciding to create his own company of replacement toy parts. When I way buying and selling toys on ebay, I discovered Julian Thomas and his two children who work with him. I dealt with Julie, his daughter, who helped me all the time when I would phone for a part. 

   Julian produced a fantasist group of reproduction vintage cast iron toys, and they are in demand by collectors. They look like they might have come off the "assembly line" way back in the 1930's. But Julian imprinted his surname on the inside of the toy, and also Made in U.S.A. I'm sure he wanted to let people know that this was a reproduction - but an excellent reproduction!

I wonder if Malinda's father's name is David?

I like the Thomas Logo.

The Thomas markings on the toy, letting you know that this is a Thomas toy and not a Hubley original.

I like the fold-down luggage rack at the back of the toy.

 And of course, the driver, and the taxi cab roof sign. I just noticed the 2 small domed silver projections on the roof.I'll have to find out what those were. Perhaps they were meant to be lit or unlit depending on whether or not the "cabbie" (the taxi driver) had a fare (rider) or not.

Malinda certainly knows how to take excellent photos, with what she described as a $ 200.00 camera. I can't even imagine what detail I'd see if she had one of those"fancy" cameras! I like how Malinda came close to exaggerate (distort) the front details of the car, with a wide-angle setting on the lens.

This item has not yet been listed on ebay, but I'm sure it will be. Malinda's probably working on the type (text) for the description listing for ebay.

It's nice to have friends and guest to help make my life easier when blogging. Not that I have so much heartache being retired and taking an hour or two to create another new post!

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