Friday, November 14, 2014

An Interesting Air Drive Toy Bus

Friday, November 14, 2014
Partly sunny and very cold

A Very Interesting 
Air Drive Toy Bus

   A few days ago, a reader sent me some photos and asked if I could identify the toy. He mistook the toy as being cast iron when in fact it was a slush toy. A slush toy is manufactured from a mild. A molten alloy of metals is poured into a cavity (hole), swirled around to create the items's shape,and the excess liquid is pouted back into the hot cauldron  to put again. The reader had written that a mechanic by the name of Arthur created the toy. I should have investigated further, but didn't. Gladly, the reader found the answer to his own question.  The company name was the Kansas Toy and Novelty Production Company,and the name of the mechanic who became a toy manufacturer was Arthur Haynes.

   I's written about slush toys before, so I decided to check out Liveauctioneers to see what is currently being offered "et voila" (and here in English) was a fine toy being sold by Dirk Soulis Auctions. I found a masterpiece that was made by another company called the C.A.W. Novelty Company. Sadly, it closed down in 1940.

Dirk likes to add this apple (wood or plastic) as a reference 
to the relative size of smaller items that come up for auction.

You can always identify a slush toy by the 2 openings at the bottom.

One certainly doesn't see one of those toys every day,so it's quite interesting. 
It "easily" fits in to those sci-fi movies from the 1930's and 1940's.

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