Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Great Non-Toy Items That You Never See

Saturday, November 22, 2014
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The Great Non-Toy Items That
You Never See 

   I don't really know what I am so curious, but I am. I'm also very observant in the sense of seeing everything. So I sometimes go off topic to share some of the interesting items that you may now see from the auctioneers or ebay sellers that I write about. On November 19,2014, I wrote about 
Mr. Dana Tumback from Saskatchewan, Canada - a neighbour 1544.6 miles ( 2485 kilometres) to the west of me. Dana had some very rare Lincoln (Canada) toy tractors that I wrote about. You can click on the link below to redirect:

    There are always lots of interesting items that everyone has to sell , and I noticed a few that Dana had, so I'm presenting them today.

The 2 items below are called fob attachments that would attach to a chain and pocket watch.
Long ago, people had pocket watches with chains, and they would keep them in a special small pocket to the right of  the centre of their pants  (trousers).

The items below were attachments to the chain along with the watch.

Canada in 1917 was a member of the British Commonwealth. As a  result, Canadians participated both in WWI and in WWII. Halifax is a  major seaport on the east coast of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia.  An accident on an armament ship created an explosion that deserted the seaport and killed 2000 people. It was the largest explosion in the world ever, before the Atomic Bomb blasts.

Obviously, post cared of that ere were not restricted just to "happy" scenes, and there were about a dozen of these postcards that showed the terrible destruction that occurred.

Below are two Canadian National Park Passes to enter special wildlife parts in Canada.
Back then, these car ornaments would be placed on car parts such as the license plate or radiator.
THese were certainly "ornamental" in nature compared to today.As a result, they are naturally highly-prized and very much in demand.

Nowadays, everything is computerized,and you get a 
receipt on a piece of paper - very highly not collectible!

I hope I've  provided everyone with a "taste" for non-toy collectibles. It's amazing how much there is out there in the world that can keep your attention. Antique fishing equipment (one of my favourites), stamps, coins, watches, pocket watches, and so on.

Enough to keep me writing 24 hours a day!

Thanks for dropping by, and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
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