Thursday, November 20, 2014

Attention All Readers - What Is It?

Thursday, November 20,2014
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Attention All readers
What Is It?

   I go an e-mail this week from John  Fifties50s (He prefers not to use his family name). He asked if I could help him ID one of his unknown toys. Naturally, I agreed, and he sent me some photos, and later the toy size.  The toy at first appeared easy enough to find. It looked like a Schuco, it had some features of a Schuco, but it didn't have any ID on it to say that it was a Schuco. 

   I searcher for "Schuco tin cars", "Schuco 1930's toy cars", "Schuco 1940's toy cars", "German toy cars",  "German tin toy cars", and several other search wordings, but nowhere could I find this toy and who might have made it. 

  So if you have a toy exactly like this one, or know where I can see a photos of it, then please send me an "APB" (All Points Bulletin) to solve the mystery. By the way, APB is an old police term that you'd always see in movies. It simply meant that this was an important notice for everyone!

John has a fine collection of old toys and lots of other interesting 1950's item on the website Collectors Weekly (CW). I asked John if I might also use some of his other toys for this post, but I donl;t have the time today to add more. I'll perhaps add another post, so this one remains with the "mystery car". Better to avoid too many distractions with other toys.

Unknown Pressed Tin Toy
Key Wind-up mechanism with rotating movement capabilities,
L x W:  5 5/16"  x  1 15/16"  13.5 cm  x 5 cm
Circa:  1930's-1950's  (guessing)

The large hole to the left rear side would be for a wind-up key

The car doesn't have any Schuco marking on it.

That wheel in the centre of the car would allow the toy to move to the left or right and in circles.
  So this is today's "quiz". I can't offer any rewards for the answer, but your help in solving this "mystery car" would be greatly appreciated.

"Over and Out" - another police term from those old movies!

Thanks for dropping by to visit, and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
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Gog said...

Hi, I'm Juan from ToysFromThePast. You asked me for help earlier today.

Unfortunately, I don't know which car could it be, it resembles pretty much a Schuco "Mirako", since the steering mechanism is probably intented not to let the car fall from a table, only slightly less sophisticated. IMHO if it was a Schuco, it would be marked on the base.

It would help knowing where is John 50s from, or where did he got the car. G.Britain?

toysearcher said...

Hi Juan,

Thanks for answering.
John is from Belgium, so I assume the toy is fromEurope.

I like you comment about the 5th wheel underneath the toy being made
to avoid the toy rolling off a table.

I never thought of that!

Thanks again,