Sunday, November 9, 2014

Old Wood Toys Revisited

Sunday, November 9, 2014
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Old World Toys Revisited

   Yesterday, I was able to post a nice "story" involving several  one company and an association that I already had made friends with. The third person was new - Mr. Richard Mueller Jr. - an avid toy collector who has a fine post about toys.  The other 2 connections were the Lloyd Ralston Gallery, the Late Mr. Lloyd Ralston and ATCA (Antique Toy Collectors of America).  The post made writing a story that I enjoyed very much.

  Yesterday's  I introduced  Richard Mueller Jr. briefly, and was going to write a complete post about him and his fine website. He's however stopped working on his fine website, and has given a good portion of his material to  two fine people that I had met before, and helped me in 2012 with my blog. When Richard mentioned their website and company, and I went to their site, I immediately recognized them. They are Jim Sneed and Judith Lile who have a great website by the name of Old Wood Toys.  What makes today's post another enjoyment for me is to see how so many toy people in the States (USA) know each other by direct contact or via the Internet. 

  When I went to my original posts about Jim and Judith, I couldn't believe how "rough-edged" my posts were just a mere 2 years ago. I knew I was going to revisit Jim and Judith, but I'm surprising them with this post. I'll inform them after I post, and see what they say.

   Jim and Judith have a unique niche in the world of old and antique toys. They focus on wood toys. I periodically write about wood toys, but it's always nice to see toys made from natural materials such as wood, especially since most older toys were made by hand.  I'm presenting OLd Wood toys and Jim and Judith again, but today's post is just more of a "reintroduction". It's just not possible, nor would I want to write just 1 post on these important people to the toy world, and I wouldn't.

Below is part of the opening page on Jim and Judith's website
I've made this image large so that you can see it better in the Blogger slide mode.

Old Wood Toys

Below is another screen-capture of the  extensive resources that Tim Sneed and Judith Lile worked on to compile. As well, Richard Mueller Jr. also helped with giving some of his resources to them.

Along with the encyclopedia of information at this website, Jim and Judith sell toys. 
Jim also repairs toys, and you can contact him his e-mail address in the above yellow square.Each one has their own sub-site where their sold items and currently-available items are for sale.

Jim's Toy Shop

Here are  2 fine samples of items available from Jim.

Bisque Clown Roly Poly
Nice condition. Upper body is fabric. Very cute and unusual.
Circa:   Probably 1920's
Height:   6"   152 mm

Clown Tinker
Painted wood, fair condition.
Circa 1926

I just used 2 photos of the Folk Art Circus from Judith Lile's Antique Toy Shop.
Have a look at the many other photos for this set up for sale.

Folk Art Circus
Crafted in wood and hand-painted, some parts made of fabric and some dressed in elegant costumes.
There are 13 in all:  2 monkeys, 1 dog, 2 lady performers, 1 male performer, 2 clowns, e elephants, 1 fancy Palomino horse, 1 large black platform horse, and 1 bear.
The faces are painted with very fine, precise strokes, an interesting contrast to the simple forms 
of the early animals and people.
Probably early 19th century.
The figures average from 8 1/2"  to 9 1/2" high ( 216  mm - 241 mm).

Mary and the Lamb Set
Early "pretty face" Mary with her desk, very rare spelling book, and painted-eye lamb.
 All aspects and accessories are original. Mary's costume is coloured with age but complete. A slight tear on the back of her skirt. A wonderful set. Very good to excellent condition. 
(Already sold)

I did my "usual" whitening of the background and foundation (what an item sits on), but the photography quality is all Jim's and Judith's. 

I'm glad I reconnected to Jim and Judith, thanks to Richard Mueller Jr. and I hope that you enjoy their fine wood toys and their superb resources for toy collectors and buyers.

Thanks for dropping by to visit and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be,

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