Monday, January 26, 2015

Exceptional Photography from a Seller

Monday, January 26, 2015
Sunny, and very, very, very cold!

Exceptional Photography 
From a Seller

   Some of the people that I get to help me out, communicate more than others with me, and weof become friends. Malinda Trollinger is one of them. I got to know Malinda when I saw some exceptional well-done photography on ebay.  She's selling a fine collection of toys that here father collected over 55+ years. Recently, Malinda write to say how nice my blog is, but in all honesty, I just write, and photo-edit the photos. The real platitudes should be directed to all of my guests,, Malinda included.

  The last time that Malinda wrote, I decided to see what she was selling,and it turned out to be my favourites  of the small-sized toys - Tootsietoys and some fine Hubley small-sized diecasts.  Not everyone takes advantage of  ebay's offer to upload 12 photographs for free, but Malinda does. Also, she's very honest in her descriptions of her items.  I had to look at some of her descriptions to see what small faults there were with some of the toy descriptions. As the old expression goes - "Honesty is the best policy", but  Malinda is angelic compared with some sellers that I have purchased from!

I like how Malinda has a sharp eye for noticing things. One of the nuances (small subtlety) of die cast toys is their small faults, which aren't really faults at all. Malissa noticed that 3 of the 4 cockpit windows are sealed from the diecast process. This is the "beauty" of these small toys,.However, I'm 1000% sure that if I had such a toy in the 1950's, for sure I would have filed away this characteristic of these toys,and lost the true value if I sold it on ebay.

In my last reply to Malinda, I wrote to her saying that she should see if there is a market for her talents  hear where she lives. Even I have learned from her photography. I admire how she photographs from different camera angles, uses some distortion to her photographs, and presents nice details of the features of toys that merit being shown to viewers.

When I first started selling on ebay, I had the blue Coupe, that Malinda is selling. As well, I had many other die cast toys. However, they never looked so good as the photos Malinda took of these "little guys". At the time, I wanted to be sure to show the toys well on ebay

Malinda had shown me that you can be creative and sell toys at the same time. As an aside, our dog Buddy can learn new tricks and he does and he's 14.  I think there's even hope for me yet - I'm 66, but it dog years, I'm younger than him - I'm 7 1/3 years - that definitely sounds better!

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