Saturday, January 17, 2015

So That's How the Toy String Bicycle Works!

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Sunny, and very, very cold

So That's How the 
Toy String Bicycle Works!

   I like to give exclusivity for a post to each guest or company that have helped me out. I was looking for a swr of photos on Liveauctioneers to help explain visually how the toy string bicycle worked. All of the auctioneers, simply wrote their explanation in words. However, Nette Auctions presented photographs, and as the old explanation goes - "A picture is worth a 1000 words".

Not only  did Nette Auctions photograph how this toy works, but they also found the name of the manufacture - A.C.Gilbert. 

A.C.Gilbert was more famous for making the American equivalent of  the British Meccano construction toys. Contruction toys came unassembled  in kit form. Nuts and bolts, and assorted pieces could be assembled to create  boats, airplanes or cars. They even could come with motors to 
create moveable toys such as a ferris wheel (the really more expensive and complex set).

Someone at  Nette Auctions must have known that the almost-antique (100 years) toy is well-constructed and would not break.  So they took a piece of cord and showed you how the toy balanced  with the heavy round metal ring.

I'm sure they also had some fun playing with the toy.

If I worked at any auction company that sold toys, I would be playing with the toys -when nobody was looking. Adults aren't supped to be caught playing with toys, and I'd be more concerned about that than being told that I wasn't working!

My answer would be that  I was checking to see if the toys work!

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