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Want to Know About Hess Toys? - Part II

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Want to Know About Hess Toys?
Part II

Yesterday, I introduced everyone to Mr. Chuck Ehlers. He got interested in Hess tin Toys years ago His fascination led him to start a fine collection, but for myself, the "jewel" is his willingness to share his collection and encyclopaedic knowledge about the Hess toy company.  I decided to create a "mini-series" to present a "glimpse" of the Hess company with you. However, you must venture over to Chuck's website to see the true story - I'm just giving you a glimpse.

Below is the opening or index page of Chuck Ehlers' website. I've darkened most of the page and left "Dynamobils" brighter.  A Dynamobil was a sophisticated friction wind-up motor that  provided power for a set of accessories. These accessories were based on real machines that would have been found in large factories of the time. 

If you click on the link below, it will take you to a post that I wrote about the Bing Steam engines and their accessories. The huge difference between the Hess and the Bing companies was that Bing used real steam for their power, and Hess used hand power.

It was 1000% safer so that even a very young child could play with the toys.
Obviously using a lit source to heat water to produce stem, required adult supervision.

I'm not going to add too much of my own narrative today, since Chuck had done all of the research, and has well-document what you see here today. It's as if, I had purchased a book, and simply added it to my blog.  His research is phenomenal, so please enjoy.

With the Dynamobil and 1-3 accessories, you could create a miniature factory. AS such, a child could have lots of fun watching all of the difference machine operating at the same time.

Some of these toys were produced before electricity was invented or became commonplace.
I especially like what Chuck wrote:

"This trip hammer was spring loaded and the tension could be adjusted,
resulting in a louder, more forceful blow".

I can just  imagine several friends getting together to play with their miniature factories.

Talk about noise!

Fortunately, as I previously mentioned these toys were safe, and the power came from small hands that would wind up the power source - the "Dynamobil" ( A miniature dynamo). But imagine the noise from 3 or 4 children with their Dynamobils and 3-4 accessories for them. I can close my eyes now and imagine walking down any street where children had these toys and hearing mothers say:

Dear, could you and your friends please go outside and play with your toys there.
It's a  nice day."

Now those certainly were "the good old days" both for children and parents alike!

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