Friday, January 16, 2015

An Old Friend Sends Photos

Friday, January 16, 2015
Snowing and warmer, become very cold

An Old Friend
Send Photos

  I was surprised yesterday when I opened up my email and found 3 e-mails with attachments from Mr. Joseph Desaulniers. The name was familiar, so I decided to check on my computer. As it turned out, Joseph had helped me out on a post on April 15, 2011. That certainly seem a long time ago! Joseph collects cast iron toys and was able to help me out back then. Joseph send  photo of 2 different toys. I liked the way he had photographed them, so I decided ro simply present them as they were photographed. 

The cast iron toy below is a Hubley Pierce-Arrow that measures 6 1/4" ( 158 mm) in  length. It's obviously been repainted, and Joseph explained to me that when he had purchase fit, it was painted entirely in black. He did an excellent job in the repaint, but the lighting  and the aged wood foundation and background make the photo excellent.  The lighting is soft, probably from an cloudy day. This helps to reduce the contrast, and thus you can easily see the detail all over.

Although there aren't any photos of the underside of these toys, I believe they are the Hubley take=aprt toys. Underneath would be a spring of different designs that would secure the top and bottom parts of the toy. When the spring was removed, the 2 parts came apart.  IN some cases of the take-apart toys, the parts could be interchanged with other Hbley toys - sort of a mix-and-match scenario.

Below is  another Pierce-Arrow, but in its original condition. WHat's of interest is the fact that this car and many of the same period (time) only had 1 brake light. You can see the light on the left side, just in back of the green rear fender. It is below where the license plate would have been. THe green box in back is a "trunk, where items would be stored. Obviously the car did not have much room inside for a 2-door coupe.

The toy below also looks like a Pierce-Arrow, but the Sedan version, with 4 doors.
It's always nice to be able to have closely-related toys in a collection. I decided to remove the foundation and background for the sedan because they were a gold-yellow countertop that distracted from the nice toy.

Joseph said that he'd send me more photos which would be great to present to everyone.
So that's it for this snowy day here in Montreal. The good news is that for now, the temperature is warm.

Thanks for dropping by and ask always
have a great part of the day or night,
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Fred said...

Awesome Collection ! :)

toysearcher said...

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog.
If you browse through my 1000 plus posts, you'll find lots of fine toys to look at.
Also,if you're a collector of pre-1940 or true antique toys (100+ years old), you're always welcome to be a guest on my blog.

Stacey Bindman