Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Cedar Rapids Rock Crusher

Thursday, November 29, 2012
                       (My Birthday)

The Cedar Rapids Rock Crusher 
(Toy or Salesmans's Copy)

     This toy, has always been in the back of my mind.  I've purchased and sold a few Doepke sand movers and loaders, and I'm fascinated by the moving parts, and the complexity of the toy. However, this Reuhl  toy is unbelievable. It's length is 19" (485mm . It  is also called "The Pitmaster", and was originally made in 1944.

     From what I've read, the "real" life-size machine was made by the Cedar Rapids Manufacturing Company and was used in WWII to help create runways for airplanes overseas. Both the "real" machine and this "item" are truly wonderful.

     There is a company in Olivet, South Dakota  that sells parts for some Reuhl toys, and I think that they also sell some new toy models. The website seems to be new, so I will be contacting the company for more information. 

You can have a look at their website and even ask them questions if you like:

(Please press on the address above to be redirected to this seller's site)

(Please press on the address above to be redirected to this fine seller's site)

    As usual, I was looking around the Net,when I remembered this great toy. So I did some searching. The thing is that I kept getting Ruehl instead of Reuhl, which is the name of the toy company. So I changed the search words around, and eventually found what I wanted. I wrote a few people for permission to use their photos, and Denny & Barb Erikson from Jackson, Minnesota wrote back, giving me the "OK". Their toy store is called Redwagonantiques. They had sold 2 of these great toys, so I asked for permission to use all of their photos.

The Fine-Quality Photos of the First Toy

The Fine-Quality Photos of the Second Toy 
(All 3 above)

  I didn't want to add other toys to this post for  such a unique and fine toy. However, I did offer Denny and Barb to write me a narrative, and of course I'd ask for permission to use their fine photos. They have lots of great toys, but I was narrowly-focused on this particular one. You got to be when you see one of these "beauts"!

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Allan Cowan said...

I have one of these if you want to buy it.

toysearcher said...

Hi Allan,

I'm not buying or selling right now.
However, if you are a toy collector, how about being a guest on my blog.JUst write back, and I'll send you instructions as to what I'm looking for, image sizes, and so forth.

Thanks for the e-mail,


Anonymous said...

I would like to buy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't leave my contact info.

Anonymous said...

I have trhis toy and am looking for replacement belts. I need all of them. Do you knbow where I can buy? The rest of the toys is in excellent condition. Let me know.

toysearcher said...

Hello Dranton,

I just found (January 21,2014) the ebay listing below:

You might want to ask the seller how the small black belts stay tights and intact after gluing,since these are not completely looped but have to be glued.

I hope this helps,


Sherry Brooks said...

Where can I buy a toy rock crusher

toysearcher said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
These toys were made from 1944-early 1950's.
To find one you'll ave to check e-bay periodically, and Liveauctioneers.

The one below recently sold on ebay for $ 500.00 U.S.

The Reuhl Rock Crusher is certainly an amazing toy or model!


Unknown said...

I was recently given on of these! It is awesome! How can I purchase new belts for it? What do you think it might be worth?

Lyle Fish said...

my father who was an engineer in the heavy construction industry gave me one of these models in the early 60s. it had no belts at that time. if anyone is interested in purchase please contact me at

Lily Bowers said...

I have one rock crusher and I also have a 1938 paver still in package never opened. If interested email me

toysearcher said...

Hi Lilly,

Your e-mail address doesn't work!


Stacey Bindman
Blogwriter of Oldantiquetoiys

Cory Kemp said...

Hi all. I'm looking for a rock crusher and paver, if possible. My grandfather had several of these. He was the president of Cedar Rapids, Inc. in the 80's.

He promised them to my brother and me, but when he passed they were nowhere to be found.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please email me at Thanks!

Lily Bowers said...

Lily Bowers
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