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A Great Find!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stop the Presses!
A Great Find
(please clink on the above address to visit the ToyTent)

     I wasn't planning to add this post to today's instalment. I accidently found ToyTent  today,write to ask for permission to use their photos, and got a reply within 3 hours. I've added posts at the moment, with of course writing them up. However with ToyTent I kept finding "hidden layers" within their site that kept me in amazement. With that on my mind, I just had to get this out to the presses for today. I'm writing this at 11:08 P.M. EST Atlantic Canada Time).

    So what required me to change the blog's post for today? First, Karen Dozier wrote back and gave me the OK to use their fine photos. Secondly, their fine photos. Third was the discovery that they make fine-quality reproduction boxes for going with old toys. This "hidden layer" was like finding an old painting only to discover that there was a Rembrandt underneath the top original painting!

  But the story didn't stop there! Fourth, the site has a link to a person who repairs these types of toys. Fifth, ToyTent has great photos of a Hubley Disntegrator Gun that I've always wanted to get  my hands on, but always lost the bidding on E-Bay. Furthermore, they also make the reproduction box for this toy. And then the final surprise was in finding a toy 6-shooter tht I wrote about in one of the last 2 posts. THey had one with those take-a-part bullets where you added the cap,and then closed the bullet and the shell casing together. 

It couldn't any better than that in blog writing, and so I had to stop the presses, and write this post. Of course, I will have to write another post about Karen Dozier and ToyTent, but for today,this is just a "special edition". 

A new toy that comes with  a box.

Notice "Uncle Al's Toys". That's the link to the site where Uncle Al repairs these types of toys.

I found this  page by accident. This is the page that  has all of the photos of the reproduction boxes that they make. THese boxes are noew, but they look like the original boxes that I've occasionally seen on listings of older toys.

ToyTent makes a reproduction box for the Hubley Disintegrator Gun!

I've had my eyes on the Hubley Disintegrator Ray Gun.

Funny how I'd find a site that makes reproduction boxes for 2 toys that I just wrote about. The Hubnley Disintegrator Gun, and the JChein Mechanical Alligator!

I'll have to find out if this was an original Hubley production toy or an after-production custom painting by a toy-painting specialist.

A similar 6-shooter that I had as a child, and that I wrote about on November 16, 2012. I hope that you'll be as exitied and amazed with this site and their merchandise as I was when I found it yesterday!

As always, thanks for dropping by, 
and have a great morning, afternoon,or evening, wherever you may be.


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