Sunday, November 25, 2012

"A Mild Kick in the Pants"

Sunday, November 25, 2012
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"A Mild Kick in the Pants"
It's Always Great to Get Feedback
(good or what you feel is not so good)


    If you are one of my loyal blog readers, you'll know that I've been using other peoples photos with their permission. I write e-mails to people and auction houses and collectors who have high-quality photos that I would like to use on my blog.

   2 days ago, I found someone who I wrote to who sells beautiful old toys, and photographs them superbly. I waited, and I received a reply. The answer was not what I wanted to hear, and at first I was "taken aback". However, the great thing about the DE (Digital Era) is that I can wait before I answer and think about what someone wrote to me. 

   So I went off to Dunkin Donuts for my "second cup" of the day, and thought what the person wrote to me. And then I thought: if I can't accept comments that aren't always flattering or what I'd like to hear, then how am I going to learn about old toys!

   So, with a new direction in mind, I wrote back to say thank you for replying, and started up a conversation. The person turned out to be a very interesting person, both in his/her knowledge of toys, and also his/her background. I could probably start a new blog just about toy collectors, because the people whom I've communicated with over the last 2 years are often more interesting tan the toys!

An Old Post Re-posted

    The comments that the person sent to me do in fact have their validity. In this old post, I had written about restoring old toys. However, I was restoring them to resell, but not as "collector's items", but for someone else to appreciate them. As such, I didn't restore them in the manner that they should have been restored! When I started to "restore" old toys, the hobby store owner always said that I should use an air brush. I didn't want to spend $ 300.00 for a medium-quality machine  if I wasn't committed to restoring toys for the long run. So I purchased small paint cans (30 ml) and the occasional spray can (Krylon and hobby shop sprays).

    One of the "recommendations" of the person was that I should have either used an air brush, or dip the entire toy in paint. I'm sure that's how it was done way back when. Another "recommendation" was that I was "sketchy" in my descriptions and should be more specific knowledgeable, and accurate.

   Ouch! That hurts,but when I took the time to drink my second cup of coffee of the day, the person was correct!

   So below is what I wrote on December  6, 2011. I also wrote other posts where I described what I was doing to "restore" toys. I'll try and find that blog, bring it back and add some notes!

December 06, 2011

Old Toys Restored
    This week, I have lots of old toys arriving. The purchase price has been good, and they offer me the opportunity to photograph them. Of course, it's a lot easier to buy than to sell, but we'll see. Anyway, the purchase make for a great blog instalment. I could of course take any of my photo, and with enough time, I could bring it back to how it might have been - almost new. But that takes lots of time, especially if the toy has lots of dents and missing paint. So, let's take a look at these newly-restored toys. By the way, some of them don't have wheels and axles. I have the axles and wheels, but the axles seem either to be the wrong size, or maybe one has to heat the axle sleeves in order to have the axles fit them.

Metal Masters

Metal Masters Toy Jeep
(Early 1950's (?)

Metal Masters 
(Late 1940's (?)-Early 1950's)

Metal Masters 
(Late 1940's (?)-Early 1950's)

Metal Masters Chrome-Plated Fire Engine Truck
Circa late 1940's(?) - Early 1950's)

Tootsietoy Jumbo Cadillac
Circa early 1950's)

Tootsietoy Orange Woodie and Green Coupe
(Circa late 1940's-early 1950's)

Johnny Lightning MG 
This toy might actually be in its' original condition.
I haven't had time to research it, but I don't think it's old!
(This toy was not restored. I dont know how I put it in!)

Tootsietoy Fire Truck with Ladders (Circa late 1930's)

3 Tootsietoys (Circa late 1940's-early 1950's)

3 Tootsietoy Grahams
 (Circa 1933- 1939)

Have a good morning, a good afternoon, or a pleasant evening.

 That's the end of the post from December 6, 2011. What I just learned is that I could simply open up the December 6 post,and copy and paste both the photos and the writing. What's even  more interesting is that the above photos are large-sized files. At that time, I wanted viewers to be able to look at the toys at a large size and resolution. Nowadays, because I'm using Net images, they're not as large-sized or at 300 pixels/in (300 dpi) as my older ones.

So, by listening to that person who  wrote back to me, and said that he would not allow me to use his photos because of my "sketchy" descriptions,  and not 100% toy restoration restorations, I did learn something after all. Not just about that particular post and others, but the fact that my images on Google Blogger are of the same original high-quality now as when I posted almost 1 year ago.

Live and learn, and wait before you answer!

Thanks for dropping by,
have a great part of the day, 
wherever you may be.


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