Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Opamerica - Post # 2

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
                   (Post # 2 of the day)

Opamerica - Post # 2

    I wrote about Opamerica  a few days ago. At that point,I wanted to add more photos from the nice site,but the problem was with Blogger (Google). It turned out that I couldn't download photos above 3 MB. Blogger decided to resize any large file to a small size,and the nice composites on Opamerica's site on E-Bay were compromised! I eventually figured out that I could "cut up" the composites into small portions, then upload them to this blog. But by then, I was tiring out,and so decided to wait for another day. So today, the day, to add more of Opamerica's nice toys and photos.

Opamerica's Design on E-Bay

The toy above is called a "Sandy Andy Caterpillar Tractor"
It measures 10" (L" x 4 1/2" (W) or 254 mm (L) x89 mm (w)
(Manufactured by the Wolverine Manufacturing & Supply Company  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Established 1903)
For a more thorough toy description, please visit Opamerica's site. 

The toy above is  a Buddy "L" Scarab # 711 toy.
It measures 10" x 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" or 254 mm  x 115 mm x 89mm (LxWxH)
For a more thorough toy description, please visit Opamerica's site. 

I like these round-type old cars. They remind me of those B & W 
serial movie gangster cars form those 1930's-1940's movies.

The toy above is an Elenee brand toy "Speed Racer #20).
(New York, New York)

It has self-propulsion through a wormscrew and a spring.

I've never seen this type of wind-up or propulsion before!

It measures 12" (L") x 4 1/4" (W) or 315 mm (L) x 83 mm (w)
For a more thorough toy description, please visit Opamerica's site. 

     It's great when a seller, collector, or auctioneer has fine-quality and large-sized photos of their salable items. It makes viewing them so much better. Also having the ability to look at the detail is great. I like the way I can look at the detail of that red Buddy "L" wind-up mechanism , and compare it with the Elenee one.

This finishes my second blog for today, 
and by 08:20 A.M. in the morning (EST).

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great 
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