Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pedal Cars

Sunday, November 11, 2012
Remembrance Day

Peddle Cars

     Being Remembrance Day, I thought I'd add an "extra" post. It makes me stop and think about what our soldiers fought for and many of whom dies for in WWI, WWII, and later wars.

     I was writing another post, when I remembered a "toy" that I hadn't written about.  I figured that "peddle cars" are too big, and don;t quite fit into the category of old toys. But I'm not sure where they fit. I'm also unsure where bicycles or scooters would fit.

    Anyway, thanks to Richard Mueller and his contributions to where Jim Sneed and his wife have a fine site, I thought I might as well write about this toys. So for now, I'll call them "toys".

   I couldn't find a catalog (catalogue if your Canadian) page for the Bertoia auction photos, so I added one anyway. Most of the Bertoia Auction peddle cars are between 36"-40" (91.5cm -101.5 cm). What's interesting for me is where a collector would house these fine toys? I guess the larger the toy, the bigger the garage.

Don't forget that you can click on any image to magnify it.
The peddle cars from this 1928 catalogue are older than the ones below.

Just like "real cars", the peddle cars changed with the year and the times.

 A Gendron 1929 Jordan Playboy Pedal Car
 Length: 50" (1.27 M)

A 1937 SteelCraft Surpercharger Pedal Car
Length: 50" (1.27 M) 

 A 1937 American National Pontiac Pedal Car 
Length: 42" (1.062 M)
 A 1937 Steelcraft Chevrolet Pedal car
Length: 36" (.915 M)
A 1941 Steelcraft Oldsmobile Pedal car
Length: 41" (1.042 M)
I love that hornon the right side beside the windshield

   Sometimes, I feel and act like a kid (child sounds worse!) The only toy cars that I ever was in, were in an amusement park in Montreal called Belmont Park (Parc Belmont). The park has long since disappeared. I'm sure everyone in the 1950's went to the circus or the amusement park.

   I tell my Dunkin Donuts gang that I'd like to have a park where I could "play" with real machines such as backhoes, steam shovels, excavators, and steamrollers. Of course, these guys are nice, and won't say what they're thinking!  One of  the gang suggested, that since I'm retired, I could enlist in a training program  to work with one of those machines. I'm thinking about that!

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