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Opamerica-:A Fantastic Toy Store on ebay

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A Fantastic ebay store

    When I first started to block, I'd purchase my own toys, photograph them,then resell them on ebay. I didn't have a "plan b", so buying toys was my first choice. After 2 years or so, the market slowed down, and I stopped. Also, the Canadian dollar (I'm Canadian, eh) took a nosedive,ebay started to demand that sellers ship via their Global Express mail, and the Canadian Government decided that they wanted to collect taxes (15% total) on all merchandise that came to Canada.

   Needless to say, my days with v were over. As it was before the changes, I was barely making a profit, but buying and selling to start my blog. I came up with "plan B" under pressure. What could I do instead of buying and selling? 

   I decided to write everywhere to all kinds of people and companies. I wrote to manufacturers newer toys), I wrote to antique dealers, toy sellers, collectors, museums. You name it, I wrote to them.  In time, people would write to me and give me their permission. I would write their blog post, and send then an e-mail when the post was added and ask them if there was anything that they would like me to edit, add, delete, or change.

   My "plan B" turned out to be a great idea. Now I could write about toys above the price of 
$ 175.00 Canadian. That was the most expensive toy that I ever purchased. Now, I could write about 5-6 figure toys -I was in "heaven". I preferred to select people who had lots of merchandise , excellent descriptions of their toys, quality photos, and excellent reputations.  Opamerica had all  four criteria. 

  The people at Opamerica work very hard with their ebay , and their many positive feedbacks show that. AS well, you can't find a finer place to read about old toy descriptions, and of course quality, quality photography.

"Antique Hubley Cast Iron 8-1/2" Tail Fin Racer Toy Car w/ Driver Exhaust Stacks

 Antique Hubley Cast Iron Tail Fin Racer Toy Car!  This fantastic c. 1930s Hubley is a perfect addition to any Cast Iron Collection! This large car features raised exhaust stacks on the hood, and a cast iron driver figure.  The racer has a large tail fin on the end, and sits on 4 white rubber tires. This is one of Hubley's more rare large sized racers.

This antique Hubley Racer is in good condition for its age.  The body shows some moderate loss to the paint around the edges, and between the driver and the stacks.  The white rubber wheels, rims, and axles have been replaced.  The car rolls very well when pushed.

Measures approx. 8-1/2" L x 2-3/4" W x 2-5/8" H      216mm x 70 mm x 67 mm"*

*Description Courtesy of Opamerica

What's interesting in both cars is how the parts are kept together. With the fin racer below, the race car driver is held in his seat by the rear axle. The axle rod runs throughout an eyehole.

"Antique 1930s Hubley Cast Iron Take-Apart Brubaker Ford Coupe Toy Car 4" L

I am pleased to offer this Antique 1930s Hubley Cast Iron Take-Apart Brubaker Ford Coupe Toy Car!  This fantastic early Hubley was designed by Jacob Brubaker, and features a two piece design.  The body is solid cast iron that attaches via the rear spare tire to a nickel plated chassis.  The spare tire holder has the early Ford V8 symbol.  The coupe sits on wood rims and original white rubber tires.

This Antique Hubley car is in good condition for its age, showing some light scratching and very light paint loss.  The nickel plated chassis and the areas of paint wear show some light oxidation.  The rubber tires are very cracked and only roll well on surfaces that provide friction.

Measures approx. 4" L x 1-3/4" w x 1-1/2" H  102 mm x 45mm x 39mm"*

*Description Courtesy of Opamerica

In the case of the Brubaker below, the undercarriage and number are held to the chassis (green) by the rear rubber tire. When you remove the rear spare tire, the chassis and the undercarriage separate.

Cast iron toys started in the early 1900's and continued until the late 1930's and a bit later. There main companies of the time in the USA were Hubley, Arcade, and Kenton, with a few others. They were located principally in Pennsylvania (USA).There many new immigrants who had come to America, knew of the huge factories that produced cast iron toys. When you search out these factories, you'll come across lots of historic and interesting photographs. 

Initially, cast iron toys were a supplement to many other products offered by the cast iron factories. Mostly their primary products were household products such as keys, locks, hinges and other materials.  With the huge increase in immigration and of course, children, toys would become a larger and larger part of their businesses.

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