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An Antiques Dealer Sells his Collection of Mechanical Banks-Part I

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An Antiques Dealer Sells his 
Collection of Mechanical Banks
Part I

   A few days ago, I introduced you to Mr. Clive Devenish. Besides being an antiques dealer, he was able to amass an exceptional collection of mechanical banks that he recently sold (October 2015) at auction through Bertoia Auctions.

                                                                        "MILKING COW MECHANICAL BANK

J&E Stevens Co., Cromwell CT, cast iron, circa 1888 One of the notable Bailey pedestal series banks, 

this example not only appears unplayed with, but is the only one known to be offered at auction all original 
with no repairs in the last 20 years, minor wear to forehead which is the natural place of contact, an opportune 
offering for the discriminating collector, this a solid high grade bank. Place coin on cow’s back, press lever and
cow will kick her hind legs and tail and knock the boy and pail backwards as the coin is deposited into cow’s back. 

                                                                                        (Near Mint Cond.)" *

* Description Courtesy of Bertoia Auctions

   What makes these toys so fascinating are the quality of the castings, as well as the fine detail 

that has been created. Notice how the  ribs of the cow are poking out into the cow's skin. Have a 
look at the hairs on the tail, the hair on the farmer, the posh detail on the grass, and the farmer's 
yellow hat on the groundOf course, the main attraction for this selection is the fact that it is in

such excellent condition. And finally, the bank itself, one of thousands of  
different designs but  unique unto itself.

                                   "MERRY GO ROUND MECHANICAL BANK
Kyser & Rex Mfg., Philadelphia PA, cast iron, circa 1889, a perfect theme for a child’s bank, 
intricate casting details 
and red, white and blue canopy adds quite a dramatic appeal, the seated children on carousel figures makes a
beautiful visual, each atop a varied animal, incredible movement, spectacular overall condition, the Philadelphia 
company at its best with this example. Place coin on slot, as handle is turned, amusement ride with carousel figures revolves around base 
and attendant appears to push coins into awaiting slot. (Pristine Cond.)"*

* Description Courtesy of Bertoia Auctions

  Here's another beautiful and rare bank. It's larger and involves more  figures and metal. The key 
point for me is the gracefulness of the golden swan in flight, with its' legs behind, and large eyes. 
There are 6 figures altogether, since of course a merry-go-round would have lot as of people, 
and a worker to manage the rides.            

  I decided to simply select two fine pieces and have you look at them. For those who would like to 
see the rest of this most exemplary collection, please click on the Bertoia Auctions' link, and go to the 
October 2015 auction of Mr. Clive Devenish. I'm quite sure Clive must have had some sentiment in
 selling his collection, but at the same time, he had a warm feeling that he'd be passing on these fine
 "time pieces" to some other collectors. I used the term "time piece" in a different meaning, since in 
fact to me, these mechanical banks are parts of the past from a certain time in history.  

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