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An Exceptional European Ferris Wheel

Thursday, November 19, 2015
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An Exceptional European Ferris Wheel

   Bertoia Auctions always seems to find beautiful and rare items that come to auction.  Today's presentation is from  their March 23, 2014 auction from their season opener. Throughout the year when Bertoia staff are not working with their auctions, they are travelling all over searching for 
for items to come to market. As well, clients are coming to see them to offer their collections to auction.

   I discovered this item while looking for cast iron toys. However, realizing the beautiful 111 year old toy was something to share with you, my readers, I deduced to forego cast iron for this fine item.

                                              DOLL ET CIE FERRIS WHEEL
                                                                           Circa 1904 
                                                                               Height:      16 3/4"    426 mm
Very nicely detailed example, Doll et Cie ferris wheel from Germany is exquisitely hand enameled in rainbow colors, features working hand crank mechanism and composition figures, complete with pennants, lights and ladder.  Canopy needs resoldering at supports, flags repainted, otherwise (VG Cond.)

There are 6 gondolas that make up this fine Ferris Wheel. The toy is wound via a hand crank, then the tension is released, allowing for the riders to rotate in their seated positions.

What'a amazing is that this toy is 111 years old and still is in workable condition.

I'm not sure what the yellow gated platform is. Perhaps, riders could get off and have a standing view high up on the deck of this enclosure.

What's noticeable is to see that the Ferris Wheel was built on a permanent base made of concrete and large stone bricks. Correspondingly, I would assume that actual real-sized Ferris Wheels would be built in the same manner.

A toy of this size standing 16  3/4" (m426 mm) tall, would not have been inexpensive. Considering the toy was built around 1904, only the children of wealthy parents would have been able to play with such a fine toy.

I like how there are so many people dressed in different clothes. Furthermore, like most toys of that era, colour is very rich in saturation and tonality.

One doesn;t often see such com;lldx toys coming to market, so I 'm glad that I found this toy to share with everyone. 

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