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Two Fine Cast Iron Mechanical Banks

Monday, April 16, 2018
Overcast with freezing rain 
and snow pellets
-2 C  28.4 F

Two Fine Cast Iron
Mechanical Banks

Auction date:  May 16, 2018
Beginning 09:00 AM EST

The reason that I've added two links above is for a reason. The photographs on liveauctioneers are larger. On the Dan Morphy website, the written details of the toys are much more elaborate.

The weather certainly is not springlike up here in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). It's been raining freezing rain on us, followed by snow pellets. This is spring in Quebec. Fortunately, I haven't yet changed from winter tires to summer tires.

Yesterday, I mentioned that Bertoia Auctions had increased the size of their photos. Today, as I was perusing through liveauctioneers, Dan Morphy had also increased the size of his photos. Not only that, but he (his photographer of course) had placed toys against a white background. That's most certainly helped me out, since I no longer have to use Photoshop to remove other backgrounds.

I just selected 2 fine cast iron mechanical banks for today's post. It's difficult to find different ones from the ones I already have on my blog. However, the two banks today were photographed superbly with lots of nice and detailed photos.

Cast Iron Indian (Native American) Shooting Bear Mechanical Bank
This bank was manufactured by J.& E. Stevens of Cromwell, Connecticut.
Pull the trigger under the Native American, place a coin on the gun.
When the trigger is pulled, the Head of the Native American drops, and the coin 
is shot into the slot of the bear's stomach.
Circa: 1883
Length x Height:  10.5" x 7.75"   26.7 cm x 19.7 cm

William Tell  Mechanical Bank manufactured by J. & E. Stevens
Pull the coin launcher back (on the top surface of the gun) until
it is in the locked position. The figure lowers his head as if aiming, 
A coin is placed on the rifle the shooter's right foot is pressed, 
and the coin is fired into the slot above the head and the apple falls
off the boy's head.
Circa 1896
Length x Height:  10.5" x 6.75"   26.7 cm x 17.2 cm

There are a lot of nice toys included in this auction, so have a look 
at both the websites and see if there is anything that you like.

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