Friday, April 20, 2018

An Interesting Antique Fire Station Toy

Friday, April 20, 2018
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An Interesting Antique
Fire Station Toy

I was searching for a toy company by the name of J.H. Co. The toy is an antique hay loader.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any information on the toy. I've asked the person who wrote me to send me photos of her toy and a close-up of the name, and I would write a blog post for her.
If you have a J.H.Co toy, or have any information about the company, please write to me.

One of the great places that I visit periodically is
As I was searching their data base of toy manufacturers, I came across a nice fire station toy.
THe toy is made of wood ,possibly mahogany, and cast iron.

Toy Description:

Ives Fire House and Horse Cast Iron


Primarily made of wood ,possibly mahogany.
The windows, moldings, doors, front face, and horses
are made of cast iron.
Wind-up mechanism.
When a lever is pulled (upper right hand of the station house),
the toy chimes about six times, and the fire house doors open,
and the pair of horse run down an inclined plane.
Circa: 1893, patented 1891


Depth x width x height:

15.5" x 8"  x 12"
39.5 cm x 20.3 cm x 30.3 cm

There is also a fire cart, but it is not shown in the photos.

 This toy is quite rare, and Antique Toys is offering the toy 
at $ 7000.00 U.S.dollars.

Have a visit to this seller, as it is a great resource to 
read up on, as well as selling all kinds of toys.

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