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The Magnificent World of Antique Dolls

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The Magnificent World 
of Antique Dolls

   One area of antique toys that I rarely cover is antique dolls. I should cover them in my blogs, but I don't . Of course, being a writer of antique and old toys, one has to be objective (fair and of a neutral opinion), so I do promise to do so in the future . This area is very popular among all kinds of people (men and women), and the value of these dolls had appreciated in value by a lot over the years.


17 1/2"(445mm) tall An outstanding example of a "portrait face"Schmidt Bebe with fine bisque highlighted with mauve shadowing and rosy cheeks. The original set blue spiral paperweight eyes are enhanced by dark eyeliner and finely painted lashes. On a marked Schmidt body with nice original finish(aged repaint to lower arms only)with straight wrists. The rear of head is marked with the number "2" and underneath is the typical shield with SCH embossed within. Dressed in an elaborate silk Bebe outfit of newer vintage with coordinating hat antique leather boots and a blonde mohair wig. A very striking example of this mold! Bisque head appears to be free of any damage and/or issues such as cheek rubs, eye chips, etc. 

When you read the description of the  above doll, you come across words 
like "bisque",  "silk" and "mohair". These dolls from the past  were exceptionally made, with nothing but the finest materials.

What Is Bisque and Porcelain?

Bisque is unglazed porcelain. Porcelain is created form a paste of clays and water  
which is  molded and then fired at temperatures above 2300F. After firing, the
molded doll head is fired several more times after application of the doll's features. 
Most of the time an application of color is applied to create a more realistic skin tone.
If there is no color added to the bisque and is left white and unglazed, 
the doll is sometimes referred to  as a "parian" doll.*

A striking example of this French bebe! Exceptional modelling with intense blue paperweight eyes, light shadowing above eyes, nicely painted facial details and fine quality bisque overall. Affixed to her original kid body (patching, detached arm & lower legs) with a taped Bru paper label on chest, she retains her original wig and marked Bru shoes. Dress and hat are of vintage fabric in fair condition and of more recent fabrication. Marked in neck socket and shoulder plate "1/5". Overall a very nice example with the kid body requiring repairs. Head and shoulder plate appear to have no hairlines, eye chips, or other damage. Poorly replaced thumb on right hand, extremely small faint red line under nose.
Dimensions: 17" (432 mm)T.

 As of the same time as before, this doll has 6 bidders, 
with the highest bid being  $ 3,750.00 U.S. Dollars!

I've only added 2 photos and descriptions because of the exhaustive 
and thorough descriptions that Morphy Auctions writes.  In future posts, I will add less writing for the description, with of course more fine photos.

If you visit the Liveauctioneers website, or visit Morphy Auctions' website, you
will most certainly appreciate the world of these exceptional antique dolls. I know I have,
and when I go to another garage sale in the spring, I will be keeping an eye out for these dolls!

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