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A Surprise E-Mail

Friday, December 20, 2017
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A Surprise E-mail

       I received several e-mails today, but today's post is about the one that gave me a big surprise.
The writing below is the surprise that I received. I've had the pleasure to write about these 2 fine auction houses over the last 6 years. Both  Morphy Auctions and  James D. Julia are 2 exceptional auction companies that gave me their permission to write about them and I am very grateful for that. I've had the pleasure to learn about toys through these 2 fine people.

Below is the notice that I received in the mail:


I am excited to share the news with you that effective December 14, 2017, Morphy Auctions of Denver, PA and Las Vegas, NV has successfully merged with the renowned international auction company of James D. Julia, Inc. of Fairfield, ME and Woburn, MA. James D. Julia, Inc. will become a division of Morphy Auctions. Joining forces creates a synergistic team of passionate staff members to better serve customers and strengthens the antiques and collectibles industry.

Morphy Auctions realized annual sales of $35 million dollars within the last year. Within this same time, Julia’s generated $43 million dollars in annual sales; for a combined gross of $78 million dollars.  With this combined total of potential annual sales, Morphy Auctions is poised to become the one of the largest antique auction houses in North America.

Please see the attached press release and leadership photographs for more information.

Sarah Stoltzfus, Morphy's Marketing Director, is happy to speak with you further about the sale.  She can be reached at 877-968-8880 x710 or

My contact information is below if I can be helpful in any other way.

Happy holidays and best,
Rebekah Kaufman"

Over the years, Dan Morphy has expanded his highly-successful business to encompass many different categories of merchandise.  Below are the many different divisions that Morphy Auctions now has.

I have always been impressed with Mr. James D. Julia's fine website. He too is a highly-successful businessman. His toy division was sold off to Mr. Morphy about 2 years ago. What impressed me most about his website was the exceptional research into each item that wen to auction. Also, his photography was superb!

  In the photo below, Mr. Dan Morphy on the left is shaking hands with Mr. James D. Julia on the right. Total sales for James D. Julia, Inc. were $ 45,000,000 million dollars, while total sales for Morphy auctions were $ 35,000,000 dollars.  

 I'm quite confident that with the 2 companies having merged, their success will continue, and 
within a few years will hit stratospheric sales approaching $ 100,000,000 dollars (US).

I wish them both success and happiness in the New Year, 
under the banner of Morphy Auctions .

In closing, I want to wish all my readers and the companies and owners  that I 
have written about over the years, a  very 
Merry Christmas Healthy and Happy New Year.

Stacey Bindman

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