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Mr. Tom Sanders to the Rescue

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Mr. Tom Sanders to the Rescue

    I was surprised this past Wednesday to receive an e-mail from Mr. Tom Sanders. For those who don't know who this great craftsperson is, please do a search on this blog for Mr. Tom Sanders, and you should be able to find several posts on this man.

In Tom's Own Words:

" I can give a little more info on the Beech 18 conversion. The challenge actually began when a past client asked me to convert one into a DC-3 which was not intense as all I did was change the single fin to one similar to The Douglas DC-3 (Canuck or "DAK") and replace the props. In doing so I started a parallel speculative project taking the same toy airplane and creating a Lockheed 12 (similar to the one in the movie Casablanca). If actually finished that one and accepted an offer for it."

"The toy should up in some blogs and websites with a number of inquiries trickling in about modifying the toy into other famous types. One in particular was this request to re-configure the toy into the Beech 18 "Twin Beech"

First stage was to recreate the tail assembly and put it into the correct location higher on the fuselage. I added a fairing so that the fuselage and stabilizer had a smooth transition. In addition, I also tapered the wings to fit the scale outline. Generally the toy would have been an easy modification for Wyandotte to convert into the B-18."

Next came filling in the underside of the wings where the nacelle would have been. 
This was accomplished by epoxying two large tapered wood dowels in place 
and using a combination of JB Weld and plastic filler to make the appropriate contours.

" also cut and soldered belly pans on the bottom of the fuselage to add to the 3D appearance.
The toy took on a completely different appearance compared to the stock Wyandotte Toy."

"Once the new landing gear was created and installed, I moved to creating a better set of engine 
cowlings which were copper end plugs for plumbing. These get center bored first. 
With the wood dowel now inside the engine cowling, I had many options for configuring the prop assemblies. 
In the end, it was decided to hand make the props from sheet aluminum stamped into a camber to connect the model to its roots as a toy. II also added those decals I printed of a Pratt and Whitney wasp "Junior"."

"The client did request cargo doors on the port side. Wisely he understood that the added surgery 
would be quite costly and if the airplane was to be hung "airborne" the doors would not be open. 
Instead we opted to at least add the outlines as that was still a unique feature on the airplane he flew."

And as they say, "a picture is worth a 1000 words. You can see how much 
detail Tom puts into designing and creating his fantastic creations.

Need I say more?

Well, Christmas is approaching. 
So may everyone who reads my blog have
a very Merry Christmas,
And a Healthy and Happy New Year.


Stacey Bindman

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