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Antique Toy Cars

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Antique Toy Cars

The upcoming auction on December 16-17, 2017 from Morphy Auctions is going to be very interesting in terms of how these old toy  cars are going to be bid upon. Already, some of these  cars have been bid in the 1000's of U.S. dollars. 

I've recently added a few posts about old toy cars from the New Cavendish Books book about 
The 1912 Bing Toy Catalogue.  The reason for those posts was to be able to cross-reference some of today's Bing toy cars with those from the book.

What's interesting to note recently, is that several toy auctioneers have changed their photography style. They've changed from  presenting their toys on a dark background to white. A few years ago, I started to take auctioneer's photos and remove dark backgrounds, and replace them with a white background. I found that this presented toys in their best way, without amy distractions. Bravo to the auctioneers who have refine their photography. 


German Marklin Hand Painted Open Two Seat Roadster
From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Circa 1905. Blueish green enameled color with excellent accented striping. Open rear tool compartment and a leather-strapped-down rubber spare tire. Original nickel finished lamps and clockwork mechanism. Original driver has a broken and missing left hand. Some flattening and wear to tires. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. A great addition for the serious collector.

Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).


German Bing Hand Painted Taxi

From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Very scarce car. Dark maroon coloring with red and black striping. Taxi meter on right side next to the original driver. Original side and front lamps. Nice roof rack and the Bing Bavaria mark on the back. Only the slightest minor wear. 
Condition: (Near Mint).
Item Dimensions: 12 -1/2" x 5 -1/4" (L x H)  /  318 mm x 313 mm


German Carette Tin Litho Wind up Limousine

From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Circa 1910. Unusually large size variation. Opening doors, nickel head and side lamps, beautifully hand painted original chauffeur and ornate roof rack. Some slight paint loss to wheel spokes. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. 
Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).
Item Dimensions: 16"  /  405 L.


German Bing Hand Painted Clockwork FOur-Seat Auto

From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Circa 1904. Top of the line, deluxe Bing touring car. Hand painted, rubber tires, looks to have original nickel lamps. Extraordinary looking car with beautiful color combination. Some wear behind the front seat and minor wear to fenders. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. 
Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).
Item Dimensions: 10-3/4" L.

German Carette Hand Painted Auto in Original Box

From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Beautifully done in cream with red seat, and spoked wheels with rubber tires. Original side and front lamps. The original box has a label on one side, marked "Made in Germany". Nice and crisp with two inside boxes that were for the composition figures. Figures are well detailed and in excellent condition. There is a cardboard trunk on the back which has been added. There is some alligatoring to paint on the floor board and seat. 
Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).


German Bing Clockwork Phaeton Auto
From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Four seater car. Hand painted in cream color with nice blue striping, rubber tires, original nickel lamps and lanterns, includes chauffeur. Original "GPN" mark behind rear of front seat. Very little wear. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. 
Length:  13"  330 mm
Condition: (Near Mint).
The last 2 images are interesting from the point-of-view of their being similar in the 
design of both cars. However, the 2 cars were manufactured from 2 different companies. One was by  Carette, and the other by Bing.   You have to look at the 2 cars, and go back and forth in terms of looking for differences between the 2 cars.

1. In the above car, the front lanterns (headlights) 
are lower to the ground that the other car.

2. The above car has 1 driver, a chauffeur, 
while the top car has a driver and passenger.

3. The window frame of the windshield in the above car is 
square with straight lines, while the other car has a square
window frame with rounded corners.

There are some other small differences between the 2 cars, 
but I'll leave  that for you to discover.

If you click on any photo, the photo will enlarge,
 and you will see small images at the bottom of the page. 
Clicking on any of these images will present you with a different and large-sized image.

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