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The December 17, 2017 Dan Morphy Auction

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The December 17, 2017
Dan Morphy Auction

Everything always changes as time goes on. Today's post is just a sampling of 3 fine old toys from Dan Morphy's upcoming December 17, 2017 auction of old toys. This auction includes fine dolls, as well as cast iron and pressed steel toys.

The auction is titled:
Dec. 16-17 Toy Doll & Figural Cast Iron Day 1

You can find this particular auction at Liveauctioneers:

Many companies of all kinds, including companies that sell old and antique toys, are using Liveauctioneers as a website. The company is able to furnish Dan Morphy and other companies the convenience of conducting the auction on line compared to actual locations of the  merchandise up for sale. Of course, I'm sure buyers can still visit Dan Morphy's locations, all across the USA, to see the merchandise up for sale. 


German Hand-Painted Carette Limousine with Original Box

From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Unusual brown color, beveled glass windows, two sets of nickel lamps, rubber tires. Includes composition driver. Box label designates for a French market. Figure has some damage on right arm and looks to have some repainting. Car has some paint flaking on front left fender and on roof. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. Dimensions: 12-1/2" L. Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).

German Bing Hand-Painted Clockwork 4- seat Auto
From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Circa 1904. Top of the line, deluxe Bing touring car. Hand painted, rubber tires, looks to have original nickel lamps. Extraordinary looking car with beautiful color combination. Some wear behind the front seat and minor wear to fenders. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. Dimensions: 10-3/4" L. Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).

What's interesting to note is that these 3 toys were from the Bertoia Auction of Donald Kaufman's toy collection from several years ago. I assume that  Investment Rarities Inc. purchased (bid on) these fine toys at the original auction, or purchased them from someone who did bid at that auction. Another interesting fact is that these rarer toys have been placed up for bidding with the range of final final estimated bidding having vastly increased from the Bertoia Auction of Donald Kaufman's original auction, the first time.

German Marklin Hand-Painted Open 2-Seat Roadster
From the Collection of Investment Rarities Inc. Circa 1905. Blueish green enameled color with excellent accented striping. Open rear tool compartment and a leather-strapped-down rubber spare tire. Original nickel finished lamps and clockwork mechanism. Original driver has a broken and missing left hand. Some flattening and wear to tires. Provenance: Donald Kaufman Collection. A great addition for the serious collector. Dimensions: 14" L. Condition: (Excellent-Near Mint).

 As I mentioned earlier, things change as time goes on. In the case of Mr. Dan Morphy, he has expanded his very-successful auction house to include many divisions.  He has an old gun collector division, exceptional automobiles, and even large-sized neon signs from stores of a while ago. Another thing that I noticed is the excellent quality of the photos.  I no longer have to do a lot of retouching to place the toys on a nice white background (foundation). Dan's fine team of people, more-specifically, the photographer has done this all for me.

What luck!

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