Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rick's Toybox Revisited

Saturday, November 19, 2017
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Rick's Toybox Revisited

    I get a fair amount of e-mail asking me if I know where to get toy parts. I have several sources, and one of them is  Rick's Toybox, that you  can find on ebay, where Rick has a store. Not only does Rich have toy parts, but he also sells toys and decals of all sorts. I decided to revisit him today, and I discovered that he has expanded his toy parts and decals quite a lot.


Custom Race Car Hauler Rear Ramp Bed with Winch 
& Ramps for Tonka, Etc.


Tonka Pickup Truck Wrecker Toy Truck Boom
Kit Replacement Toy Parts

Nylint Ford Cube Van rear Doors
Replacement Toy Part

Buddy L Firetruck Replacement Ladder Toy Part

    Today, I've only presented  Rick's toy parts. However, he's quite famous for producing high-quality decals for many different toy companies. So if you're in need of toy parts or decals, please venture over to Rick's  Toybox on ebay.

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