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Quality Toys from a Fine ebay Seller

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Quality Toys From 
a Fine ebay Seller

    I was looking on ebay and searching for nice toys, when I came across a nice seller by the name of niknak-vintage. I wrote to them, and got their permission to use their fine photos, and to write about their website.

In their own words:

Thanks for contacting us Stacey.

You are more than welcome to use our images and links on your blog. We appreciate your request for permission and would also be thrilled to have additional exposure by you providing links to the items.

We have been helping a few collectors in our area sell their toy collections and have been learning so much over the years by being involved in the research and discovery of old toys! A blog like yours only helps the community, so well done!

Thanks again,

Anthony & Sera

The item below is what was called a "salesman's sample". Back  in the 1870's-1920's, there were not a lot of roads to travel on, and in the earlier years (1880's-1900's),  you didn't even have a car or truck. So salespeople (salesmen in those days), travelled by train across America and carried  exceptional small models of what they were selling. If you do a search on the Internet, you might be able to find many more examples of these fine collectables. 

These "models" are not really toys, but scaled small versions of real items, in this case a grader.
What I like about them is that they;'re hands-on models that are workable. Of course, such  a model as this Adam's grader, would not be a toy for your children to play with.

The model below is 22" long (558 mm), and most likely is very heavy.
It was built probably in the 1910's, more than a century ago!

What I like about the photography of Anthony and Sera is that this is quality. The lighting is soft in order to illuminate the model well. The foundation (what the item is resting on) is white, which doesn't detract from the model,  and allows the viewer to see all of the parts easily.

I'm sure most of you know what a grader is, but for those who don't, it is a working machine that levels  the earth or gravel for road construction.

One more interesting "tidbit". Notice that this machine has no engine to make it move.
The "engine" in this case would be 1 or 2 teams of horses that would pull the grader along the road!

Now that's "horsepower"!

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Stacey Bindman

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