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Bertoia Auctions Teams up With Liveauctioneers

Sunday, December 12, 2017
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Bertoia Auctions Teams 
up With Liveauctioneers

I was checking out the fine auctioneer, Bertoia Auctions website, when I noticed something new.
Bertoia Auctions has teamed up with liveauctioneers to further enhance their fine auctions. As a result, one can now go from Bertoia Auctions website directly to their current auction on liveauctioneers. 

The above screen-capture is of the introductory page of the Bertoia Auctions website.
The red arrow is pointing to the link that redirects you to their listings on liveauctioneers.
You can click on the "click here" underneath the liveauctioneers logo to visit the live auction directly.

When you visit the liveauctioneers website, you will see the following introductory page

What's interesting visiting the liveauctioneers website directly, is that you can see how the bidding is going for current items in the auction. You will also see what other items sold for.

Germany, attributed to Marklin, hand painted example, well detailed with
buckets on chains, upper reservoir tank, large center wheel and two hammers 
on sides, steam or hand crank for operations.
12" Length x 13" Height 
305 mm x 330 mm

Marklin sawmill steam toy

The above 2 photos and descriptions are from the liveauctioneers website. What's interesting is that you can see how the bidding is going  in live time for each item listing from Bertoia Auctions.

So that's it for today, and while you're at liveauctioneers, you can also search out other auctions containing toys, as well as other collectibles that will suit most people who like to collect items as a hobby and for pleasure.

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