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French Dinky Toys

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French Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys appeared on the market in December 1933, but were called "Modelled Miniatures" until APril of 1934. THe production of Dinky Toys was begun at the same time in Liverpool, Britain, and in France at Bobigny. Both locations produced cars, trucks,buses,military vehicles, aircraft and ships. WHen WWII started, production stopped for the duration of the war, and reappeared in 1945,but there were no new models . New models started in 1946.*


THe boxes are easily distinguished because the writing was in French.

French Dinky 24-Y Studebaker Commander
Circa: 1955-1957
Length 4 3/8"  110 mm

French Dinky 548 Fiat Familiale Estate Car
Circa: 1960-1963
Length:  4 3/4"120 mm

562 Citroen 2CV Van 'Wegenwacht'
Circa: 1965-1968
Length:  5 1/4"  130 mm

33-C Simca Glazier's Truck
Circa: 1955-1961
Length:  5 1/16" 128 mm

888 Richier Motor Grader
Circa: 1960-1965
Length: 7" 178 mm

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