Friday, December 23, 2016

A Large-Sized Arcade Yellow Coach 500 Bus

Friday, December 23, 2015
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A Large-Sized Arcade
Yellow Coach 500 Bus

A page scan from the Arcade toy company of Freeport, Illinois, USA.
A reproduction catalogue ( # 33) published by Noble House (1988)

Old Arcade Cast Iron Double Decker Yellow Coach 500 Bus & Passengers
Painted cast iron, with nickel-plated bus driver and 15 mostly-leaded passengers.
L x W x H (At passengers heads):  13 1/2" x  3 3/4" x  5"   343 mm  x  95 mm  x  127 mm

Christmas will be here in 2 days, and I know many of you will be travelling all over to reunite with your families. I decided to select a toy that reflected a means of transportation that was common a while back and still is, insofar as old and antique toys go.

So to everyone who has dropped by to visit my post, 
I wish all of you a Healthy and Happy New Year,
and a Merry Christmas.


Stacey Bindman

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