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Some Interesting Toys from an ebay Seller

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Some Interesting Toys 
from an ebay Seller

I was searching for "take-apart cast iron toys" when the first toy appeared. The seller's  ebay
name is Mambovinny, and his name is Mr. Vince Kahlon. He also is a member of the Southern California  Toy Collectors Club International. Most of his current listings happen to be an eclectic assortment of items. They ranged from bottle openers to badges, and badges.

Antique Rumble Seat Convertible Roadster Toy Car Cast Iron Take apart Version
Length: 4 3/4" / 120 mm)

Hubley, A.C.Williams, and Kenton all happened to make these take-apart cast iron toys. These hands-on toys came inn the forms of automobiles or trucks. Some of these toys came as kits, so that the different parts could be changed for a different look.

If you look at the lower-left photo, you can see 2 flexible thick wires. If you remove the wires from the 2 sets of hooks (front and back) the car can them come apart.  

Old Lone Range Chief Scout Secret Compartment Badge Numbered 1777
Height: About 2" /  51 mm)

I remember growing up as an adolescent and watching Clayton Moore and Jay Silverhills as The Long Ranger and Tonto in the 1950's. Back then our TV only had about 5 channels, and most of the programming was in black and white. Week-after-week, I'd  watch with my brother and sister the program as the pair of crime fighters triumphed over evil.

Many of the TV programs at the time had fan clubs , as well as toys that you could purchase at the local toy store. These of course included guns, as well as badges. The "secret compartment is behind the pin holding section of the badge. You can't put much there but for a secret message of course.

Vintage Japan Puzzle Secret Twist Base Bank wood Inlay

Speaking of "secret", the above Japanese bank  had a hinged latch on the
bottom piece of the wooden bank. The latch was able to be on the inside, and closed on 
the hole. Once this was done, you'd have trouble figuring out how to get the money out of the bank.I assume that you twisted the large wooden piece, and the latch then locked in place on the inside of the hole. When the bank was placed on a shelf, you couldn't immediately figure out how to open the bank.

I didn't find many toys at Vince Kahlon's ebay  store, but what I found was most certainly interesting. I'll keep a note to return to Vince's eba store periodically, because I'm quite sure than when he does have toys, they will most likely be quite interesting.

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