Monday, April 15, 2013

The Hubley Ferris Wheel

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hubley Ferris Wheel

    The other day, I was looking for material for my next blog when I saw a nice ferris wheel. When I looked more closely at the description, I realized that the  was Hubley (USA), the material was cast iron and pressed steel, and the date was circa 1930's. I was surprised, since I never knew that Hubley made such detailed and complex toys in that era.

The inner star-shaped frame that holds the outer wheel in place is cast iron, 
as are the small figures and the gondolas.

     I like the way the geared wind-up is exposed to the viewer. I also like the wound up spring that will unwind as the ferris wheel rotates through the gear and chain. Notice that the gondola on this model is different from the model below.

A better view of the mechanical device that moves the ferris wheel.

A pair of cast iron figures inside the cast iron gondola.

A view of the cast iron base plate that supports the ferris wheel.

It's always a pleasant experience to discover a new old toy, and I hope that you like the Hubley as much as I do. Wait till you see my presentation tomorrow. When I went from the Liveauctioneers 
website to the Bertoia Auctions website, I got another surprise. 
Bertoia Auctions for their May 3-4, 2013 auction has 2 exceptional Doll et Cie (Germany) ferris wheels made about 1904. These are really exceptional pieces, and the starting bid price is  very high. These are really fine toys for so long ago, and they're truly antiques (100 years +).

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