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Conrad Modelle Superbly-Crafted Models

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Conrad Modelle
Superbly-Crafted Models


  Lately, I've been writing about modern-era "models". For those who might not the difference between a "toy" and a "model", a toy is for playing with by children, whereas a "model" is for adults who collect scale models of  machines trucks, firetrucks and many other items. Also, most manufacturers and resellers will have a warning on their websites and model boxes. They will strongly advise parents that these models have many small parts, and should not be given to young children to play with. 

   When I first discovered scale models, the name of Conrad  kept coming up on  the major North-American distributors and sellers of their outstanding models. Their company name is  Conrad GmbH and their name on their boxes is Conrad Modelle. They're located in Germany, and their website is below. 

   What I like about models in general is that present to you heavy-duty machinery such as massive earth movers,bulldozers, and cranes, that most of us will never ever see in out lives.  Examples are forest logging machines,mining machines, the huge earth and tar-sands (Canada) scoopers and massive trucks and so forth.

   Although there is no set standard for models, many seem to be in the 1:50 scale. Even at this scale, the models are quite large.

Conrad Modelle

   When I first went to the Conrad website,  I marvelled at the quality of the site. The website is very well designed, moving from one area to the next is fast and easy to navigate, and best of all, the photography is excellent! Also there are 3 languages - German, French, and English, although for model enthusiasts, I'm sure most of you could figure out what you see. Moreover, several USA distributors whom I've written about carry this outstanding line of models!

   If I had known that Google Blogger posts can't be changed with affecting every post  that I have ever written, I would have planned my design more carefully. And when I look at the Conrad website, I would use that as a "model" to design from.  The design is clean (against a white background), there is plenty of space to present the models, and of course, the photography is excellent. What is also like is the use of the subtle layer behind each item to display the scale of the model.

I like the way Conrad Modelle presents the way their models are made. Many modern companies today have a  work plan by which they operate, and try to stand by in terms of ethics, customer service, and of course their own care of their employees.  I get that from this company!

When you migrate around the Conrad website,  you will come across these larger-sized images. 
Since many of you might know that I'm a photographer, I especially like the  model photography, and the  selection of the background location to compliment the particular machine.

Notice also how I alternated English with German.

Don't forget that you can press on any image in Blogger to see an even larger size than the page page that you are now looking at.

I'll be returning to this fine company  to write a few more posts. This week, I had been given may new permissions to write about from companies and people who I was looking for that "yes". 
I wanted to write-up Conrad, so that I could publish it for today. I sent a copy of this post to the company (like I do if asked or I ask the company to proofread), so I did not have time to write even more!

There is a whole section of accessories  such as model figures (men), and items that will compliment an entire diorama.  For sure, there are heavy-duty machine operators, and avid model enthusiasts who make scale-model  "mini-landscapes" just like the railroad model train collectors do.

It doesn't get any better than this!

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