Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kingsbury Airplanes

Friday, April 11, 2013

Kingsbury Airplanes

    I've written about Kingsbury toys several times. The company is located in New Hampshire (USA), but is no longer in the toy business. They're now a highly successful company designing specialized assembly systems for industry. I've always had a fondness for old toys such as the cast iron and later the pressed steel toys. They're heavy, tough,  and usually large-sized, and have lasted for all this time. Todays plastic toys (many) are fine and sophisticated, but will they be around in 80 years? Yesterday's post was about the bi-plane. I originally had searched out the Kingsbury planes, but the bi-planes caught my eye. So for today, I present to you the Kingsbury airplanes from the 1920's and slightly later on.

     These airplanes are just a wonderful collection from the Kingsbury toy company. Once again, I decided to use the "inner glow" function in Photoshop.  That effect gives the photos a soft  "dreamy"effect. It's a bit  "gimmicky" for some people, but it reminds me of a time when toys were well-made and children spent lots of time with them both indoors and outdoors. Also, the self-propelled airplane had only been flown on December 7,  1903, and thus was still a real marvel to behold whenever someone might have seen the "real" one flying around.

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