Friday, August 11, 2017

Some Beautiful 1930's Coupes from Bertoia Auctions

Friday, August 11, 2017
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Some Beautiful 1930's Coupes
from Bertoia Auctions

     I've been noticing that Bertoia Auctions had changed their written descriptions of their toys. I decided to write to Mr. Michael Bertoia, a partner, and the son of the late founder of Bertoia Auctions, and ask him what had happened. Michael wrote back, and explained to me that there were now 2 types of auctions in 2017. One type  titled "Basics"is an auction that that did not contain much detailed information, such a years and locations.  The more advanced type was titled  Signatures". This one  contains even more written descriptions as the auctions of the past.  I also paid my condolences to Michael on the passing of his uncle, Mr. Rich Bertoia, who worked at Bertoia Auctions, and was a very knowledgeable person about old motorcycle toys. He even had written a book titled  "Antique Motorcycle Toys".

The auction happened to have 3 auction listings, all with very nice car coupes from the 1930's.

Pair of Marx coupes made of pressed steel 
Length:  8"  203 mm
Battery-operated headlights
Circa: Early 1930's

Set of 3 Plymouth Coupes 
Length:  5" 127 mm
Cast iron with nickel-plated grill and headlights
Have rumble seats

Pair of Champion Couopes with Rumble Seats
Length: 6 1/2" 165 mm
All original cars, except for new tires on the blue coupe
grill is made of nickel-plated cast iron
Circa 1930's.

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