Friday, August 4, 2017

An Interesting Roundabout That Runs on Hot Air

Friday, August 4, 2017
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An Interesting Roundabout 
That Runs on Air

     I was visiting the spring auction of Bertoia Auctions, when I came across the toy below.
It's a "runabout", or what I think it's also called a merry-go-round. What caught my attention, other than the beauty of the toy was how it was operated. It could run by crank (wind-up) or hot air. It was the hot air part that caught my attention. Perhaps it was a steam engine  that could operate this toy.

Exquisite early roundabout monoplane, ballon, dirigible, an elegant toy 
that ran either by crank or hot air motor. 13 1/2" h. Professionally restored.
Winning Bid: $ 2,040.00 US

     Naturally, I was inquisitive, so I decided to do a search for "hot air engine", and came across the American Stirling Company.  I went to their website, and sure enough found all kinds of hot air engines. But what caught my attention most was an engine that could from the heat of your hands. I don't know if the American Stirling  Engine below could run the above toy, but it certainly was most interesting! This engine can also run with sunlight or the heat from a stove (do not place the engine directly on the oven!). What I don't see on the large engine gear  (like the one on the toy)is an indentation for a cord that could connect directly to the circular gear of the toy.

If you visit their website, they have a small video of watching how the engine runs by the heat of your hands. This was surely quite novel and interesting!

I was very happy to have found the American Stirling Engine website, 
and I hope you venture over there to peak your curiosity.

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