Monday, May 15, 2017

A Fabulous Grouping of Dent Airplanes

Monday, May 15, 2017
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A Fabulous Collection of Dent Airplanes

     I was browsing some of my helpful auctioneers, when I came across  a great grouping of cast iron toys. One of the sub-groups happened to be a group of 6 Dent cast iron airplanes from the 1930's-1940's. You don't often see such groupings, so I decided to screen capture the group of these fine airplanes and post them today.If you venture forth to the web address below the Pook & Pook logo, you will be redirected to the Pook & Pook website.

Below is the grouping of 6 Dent airplanes. They're photographed excellently by the Pook & Pook photographers. When you go their website, and redirect to "past auctions", you will be able to view these airplanes.  When you click on the above link, you will read about the history of the 
Pook & Pook company. I was lucky to have visited their website, and found this rarer group of airplanes. The auction also went very well, judging by the prices that these airplanes (And other cast iron toys) received at the auction.

There was only 1 photo of each airplane. However, Pook & Pook offers a magnification 
feature that allows you to enlarge different parts of the airplane.

Nickel-Plated Engine & Propellers

12 1/2" ( 315 mm) wingspan
Nickel-Plated Engine & Propellers
12 1/2" ( 315 mm) wingspan
Nickel-Plated Engine & Propeller

10" (254 mm) wingspan
Nickel-Plated Engine & Propellers

12 1/2" ( 315 mm) wingspan
Nickel-Plated Engine & Propellers

12 3/4" ( 315 mm) wingspan
Figural Pilot
3" 75 mm) high

I've never seen a cast iron airplane with a pilot before!

Nickel-Plated Engine & Propellers

10" ( 254 mm) wingspan 

It looks like the weather is chaining to more sun than cloud. 
As well, the temperature forecast is going to be 21 C ( 70 F).
I'll be going for a 2 hour walk in order to get back
into shape for cycling. I need to strengthen my muscles so that 
I can then start to cycle again, as well as walk.

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Stacey Bindman


Bob Walden said...

Love the cast iron at that auction. Especially the tractors and farm implements. And the Vindex your turned me on to. However my question is I would love to use the "Hover to zoom" technique used in the Poor & Poor images. One of the classes I teach is how to identify old photo images using clues in the photos and by using this technique I could zoom into specific parts on the image to illustrate it up close. Not sure if this is done in After Effects of Photoshop. Any ideas?

Bob Walden said...

Opps! I mean Pook & Pook.