Friday, May 5, 2017

Mr. Ezra Walker Writes me Again

Thursday, May 5, 2017
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Mr. Ezra Walker Writes me Again

    Two days ago, I wrote a post about Mr. Ezra Walker.  In that post, Ezra had a small cast iron bus that needed identification, but I couldn't help him out. Today's post is about an anomaly (deviation).

The toy below is a cast iron Hubley truck from the 1940's. It originally came with a van for hauling cargo. I've seen these toys before, and I would estimate that the length of the toy is between 5"- 6"
(102 mm - 133 mm).

If you look closely at the writing on the undercarriage of the toy, you'll notice that the letter "L" 
of Hubley is either upside down or the letter is an "I". Also, the letters "S" and "A" of
U.S.A. are also upside down.

The question that Ezra asked me is whether or not I had noticed this before. I answered "no. When I was buying toys from ebay, I never purchased this particular Hubley truck, so I couldn't answer him.

If anyone reading this post has the same toy truck, could you please send me photos, as well as close-up photos of the lettering on the underside. I don't know if this toy that came from a particular casting was unique, or perhaps all of the same toy tucks had this upside down writing. However, it would be good to have someone provide an answer to Ezra's question!

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