Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Beautiful Airplanes from Stout Auctions

Saturday, April 26, 2014
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More Beautiful Airplanes frm Stout Auctions

   I'm running a bit late today, so I hope the post will not be written after Stout's Auctions auction had closed today.  Stout Auctions is having a great auction today of many vintage airplanes. I'd already added a post on some of these planes,but decided to add some more. Stout Auctions had excellent photography, lots of photos, and large-sized images.  It's best for myself to try and use the photos now, because sometimes when auctions have long been over, the images may become smaller for storage purposes.

    AS you can see from Stout Auctions logo, their main focus is on toy trains, and do they have lots of trains that they've sold. However, it never "hurts' to look at a specialist's web, because one never knows what you'll find,  and thats how I found today's airplanes.

The above airplane is a modern-era reproduction. 
Nevertheless, I always like to see old toys being reproduced for today's children.

What I like about old toy airplay at that time, there were not many types of "real" airplanes to make toy models.As a result, it's interesting to see how the toy makers made "slight variations" to the toys. As a result, auctioneers and collectors have to know their toys!

Great Colour!

The American company called Wyandotte had a unique way of designing their toys. They were all "roundish". Once you seen enough Wyandotte toys, you can identify them quite easily.

I'm always amazed at how the original rubber tires could remain secure on toys from so long ago.

The Metalcraft toy company made lots of their toys in kits. All of the parts came in a box with written instructions as to how to assemble the toy. So not only was the toy fun to play with, but you got to build it yourself.

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